This morning, the Kasich Administration announced an event this morning with Ohio Development Director Mark Kvamme and Bob Evans billed as a “major announcement.”

Well, the announcement is that Bob Evans is moving its corporate HQ to New Albany.  Here’s how Columbus Business First reported it:

Gov. John Kasich is set to visit the company’s south Columbus headquarters to join in the announcement that the company’s home office will move closer to CEO Steve Davis‘ residence in New Albany.

The Easton and Polaris areas were in consideration as efforts to stay inside Columbus but New Albany ultimately won out, sources said.

Bob Evans current HQ is on 3776 South High Street in Columbus, just north of the I-270.

BobEvansCommute Seriously, this is what Kasich and Kvamme consider a “major” economic development announcement?  That Bob Evans’ CEO Steven Davis’ is getting a state subsidy to move his company’s corporate HQ so he doesn’t have as much of a commute?!?

1I can’t wait until more reports come out to show how much the State has committed to help with this move.  Is Kasich personally going to help them pack?  Are State workers going to do all the moving to save the company money?  How many jobs will Bob Evans be creating with the gas savings now that their CEO Steve Davis can almost walk to work?

During his rambling State of the State and other speeches, Governor Kasich stressed the need for regional approaches to problems by local governments.  I don’t think the City of Columbus, though, appreciates the State coming in and giving incentives to poach jobs away from their community.

I’m really, really, really, hoping there’s more to this announcement than this.  Because if this is what constitutes as “major economic development” news for the Kasich Administration, we’re boned.

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