Are you one of the folks who haven’t been able to attend an SB 5 protest because they’ve all been during business hours?  Looking for something to do this Saturday in Columbus?  Well, do we have the solution for you!

We just got this press release e-mailed to us:

Opponents to Senate Bill 5 are invited to attend a Rally this Saturday March 12th at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. The Rally starts at 12:00 p.m. We will be meeting by the President McKinley Statue off of High Street.

This event is sponsored by the grass roots groups “No SB 5 for Ohio” and “Defenders of Democracy”. Please visit or call (330) 606-7662 for more information.

[Full Disclosure:] The group also just bought an ad on our site as well.

The opposition to SB 5 has taken a life of its own.  Meanwhile the Tea Party/9-12/Americans for Prosperity have yet to break 100 at a pro-SB 5 rally.  Kind of tells ya something, no?

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  • Tarfam325

    Can they start a petition at this rally to RESCIND our votes??? All of these people who won by a narrow margin and are supporting this Bill need to be FIRED!!! We cannot give them 4 more years in office or NOTHING will be left!!! If they can kick committee members off to get the vote to go THEIR way, then I say we kick THEM out of office!!! I wish that protests would work, but we need to take some SERIOUS action to tell them we will NOT put up with this!!!

  • Mark

    I urge everyone, if you don’t have to do anything better, which is probably the case with most of you, join us this Saturday in Columbus!

  • Mrs. W

    The link isn’t working and I can’t find the group via google. Can you repost the address? Thanks!

  • fixed

  • we fixed the link. sorry about that.

  • leeseh

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but there is a petition to amend the Ohio Constitution to allow for a recall of the Governor.

  • guest

    The proponents of the bill (tea party types) keep saying they secretly outnumber the opponents. What do you guys think? I know from personal experience plenty of cops and fire that voted republican vowed to never vote for another republican again. I believe them. I just wonder if Ohio really has the votes to repeal it at the ballot.

    On some of the newspaper comments, there are a handful of SB5 supporters that are generally middle of the road politically. They seem to think they are about to get some sort of huge tax break when it passes.

    But yeah, tea party rallies have been very small, I think even a lot of those people find it distasteful to be out standing against teachers,cops and firefighters. All the so-called super patriots out protesting against a group made up of mostly veterans, it’s laughable.

  • Brian

    Don’t think I can make this one, but pass this along to fellow protesters…everyone stay peaceful. Google “Frontline: Revolution in Cairo” A great watch about Egyptian movement. Talks about non-violent Serbian Student group Optar…..we should be studying theses groups.

  • Tarfam325

    Everyone sign this…it may be one of the most helpful actions we can take!!

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