As we’ve been hinting at all week, Kasich is doing an event at the Capital Theater Riffe Center next Tuesday at 6 p.m.  Billed as a “town hall” meeting on the budget, Kasich promises to answer questions to attendees and people who attend online.

You can request your ticket here.

From the press release:

“As I said in my State of the State address, the state of the state is in our hands.  Ohio’s at a critical point and it is essential that the people of this state know how their leaders intend to guide us through this crisis.  I’ll lay out the problems before us and the Cabinet and I will walk through the solutions we propose.  Then, I’m going to take folks’ questions for as long as I can until they start to turn out the lights on me.  This won’t be easy, but I led the effort to balance the federal budget and I know that by working together we can get through this, put it behind us and restore prosperity to our beloved Ohio.  Budgets are not about numbers but about reaching goals and the goal of this budget is fix our state so we can Rebegin creating jobs.  It’s just that simple,” said Kasich.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor will kick-off the town hall meeting with a look at one of the top reasons Ohio is facing an estimated $8 billion budget gap—the use of one-time federal stimulus money to pay for the ongoing costs of operating government.  As Auditor of State, Taylor warned two years ago that this practice was unsustainable but her warnings were ignored at the time.

The event will be open to the public but tickets will be required and demand is expected to far exceed supply.  . . .  Tickets will also be provided to legislative leaders, members of the legislature and cabinet agencies.

Request your ticket TODAY!

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  • Mark my request down at 4:25pm Wednesday March 9, 2011. Do you think they were already out by this date/time? 😉

  • If it’s first come, first serve, why not just tell someone when they register whether or not they get a ticket. Why does it take until Friday to find out?

  • MOST excellent question Anna! They are obviously going to try to game the audience. I think those opposed to SB5 and what Kasich will likely do in his budget should show up in force…even if it’s outside the event!

  • Anonymous

    I would doubt it, unless it’s gamed.

  • herc

    Well they need time to check your voter registration for any trends now don’t they? 😉

  • Anonymous

    I would ask Kasich if he agrees with this:

    “Wisconsin Senate leader admits union-busting bill is about defeating Obama”

  • I put my request in a minute before my above comment.. seems like BS to me, but it’s not like I am shocked or anything.

  • I hate to break it to them, but union $$ won’t mean so much now that the GOP has single-handedly mobilized labor and the left to vote against them.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t make it to Columbus but I have a question anyone should feel free to use:

    Thousands of talented, educated, hard-working people are jobless in Ohio right now. So why do you think it’s a better use of your staffing budget to give one employee — your chief of staff — a raise more than the average salary of a police officer and to save by cutting the number of jobs in your office, rather than splitting her job into three and employing three talented people — and putting more people back to work?

  • Cindy

    Come on this is not for real anymore than the hearings on SB 5. This will be about framing. It’s the unions and Obama’s fault…not their tax policies that serve the rich.

    I believe they are calling it Shock and Awe.

  • daytonborn

    Of course it is gamed. Just the same way Obama’s campaign rallies were gamed. Why let the opposition in to heckle? The whole point of Kasich’s platform is reduce the number of employees paid by the state, not to proliferate by splitting one state job into 3. Real Jobs are created when an entrepreneur takes a risk to earn a reward. To grow the business created by that risk, that person hires people only if they can create more value than they cost. Every state job only consumes tax dollars. Services are rendered, but no value to the state is created and no additional jobs will exist. It is a self-defeating spiral.

  • guest

    I would like to know where he found the money to give his new cabinet members their healthy raises. All of them are making six figures and most got raises more t han I make in a year. I work for the State and he wants to cut my pay. Guess the “bottom feeders” have to pay for the “top dogs” raises. Also where did the money come from to add security to his own house since he is too good to live in the governor’s mansion. Oh yes, how about the $60,000.00 his wife is going to get to clean her own house now!!! Funny how now Ohio is in a “fiscal emergency” after he spent all this money.

  • missingtedalready

    I just put in a request (8:10 pm, Wednesday). I’m a former Strickland employee, so if they do any checking, I won’t be getting a ticket.

  • I would love to hear you explain your “no value to the state” theory to the room full of firefighters down at IAFF Local 67. That’d be a hoot. I’d film it even!

  • Anonymous

    Normally the budget is rolled out in a nondescript conference room on the 31st floor of the Riffe in an open session which is usually attended by media outlets and lobbyists. No drama. By setting this up in a gigantic theater and calling it a town hall, they practically invite opponents and hecklers. I have no idea why they do what they do, but there is no way they are going to let anyone in the room they don’t already know. Expect it to be a bunch of state employees and supporters.

  • I understand your argument, but I’d still like to see you explain it to that room. You up for it the next rally that goes down? You can go with me and I’ll film it. I’m sure you could convince them in short order. Let’s line it up. Shoot me an email.

  • buckeyekelly

    I’d break it down even further. How is it cost-effective public service to have a special assistant make more than the man he assists?

  • Tim M

    Dear Daytonborn,
    Appreciate your comment. I was just wondering, your concern about firefighters providing a service, but not providing a product, there are a ton of companies that merely provide a service. What do you think about UPS.
    They provide a service, but no product. The service industry is a huge part of our economy.

    Also, I’m not sure what you mean that hiring more firefighters does not produce more rescued people or decrease the number of houses burned. There’s a ton of statistics that show the more firehouses and firefighters you have there is an increase in people rescued and houses saved. Cities work with finding optimal response times, all the time.

    Finally, your experience with collective bargaining is unique to you and is not necessarily true for all cases. In the city where I live no ones really had a complaint about the firefighters or collective bargaining.

  • guest

    Interesting argument. You are leaving out an entire industry when you talk about police officers. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, Judges, their staff, various court employees, jails, guards, jail nurses, halfway houses, prisons…

    I mean there is an entire industry that starts after a police officer makes a simple arrest.

    Of course, you can’t put a price on the peace of mind a well trained, professional police force brings to a community. The health care payments will reduce their take home pay by at least 20%, putting their wages closer to mall security guard pay… I suppose that’s what the republicans want.

  • Lindalou50

    Wanna bet Mrs Kasich has never done any cleaning ??? Might want to check out the people she has on staff. Probably illegals.

  • Lindalou50

    What a pompous ass you are. When a state employee goes to another job after retirement, they pay into a different plan. No double dipping. I know this for a fact.Oh and if your house catches fire, try putting it out with a water hose. Bet than you can see what a vital service firemen provide than !!!!.

  • Lindalou50

    This could be said about Kasich… a public servant providing a service no produt. I guess that means we don’t need him.

  • Adrienne

    Done, thanks Modern

  • Anonymous

    First, Obama’s campaign rallies were not gamed. Anyone could attend, and he frequently got heckled, or even set up. Does the name “Joe the Plumber” mean anything to you? To be fair, as far as i know, McCain’s events weren’t gamed either. I attended a townhall with no problems. Bush’s were so gamed you couldn’t get in without signing a pledge to volunteer or donate. I tried really hard in 2004, but no dice.

    Second, state jobs don’t “consume tax dollars.” They provide services that citizens demand. Without those services, we’d be a third world country. That IS “value.” The self-defeating spiral is slashing those jobs and their pay because you know how the value and jobs are created? With those peoples’ paycheck. Cut them and you’ll see a state in a helpless, relentless downward spiral — no services, no middle-class jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Your arguments are so random, so spacey and so weird you’re really not making any sense. Maybe you should audit economics 101?

  • Anonymous

    One problem: you would have to RAISE state workers’ pay to match that of similarly educated and experienced private-sector personnel. That right-wing talking point about public employees being more highly paid than private-sector employees has been thoroughly smashed to smithereens. So to realign pay you would actually create a bigger budget hole. We should be getting down on our knees and given these workers anything they want in return for working for so little.

  • Anonymous

    And his entire overpaid staff. What value do I get from him having a chief of staff — an old political crony, not someone exceptional — getting paid more than three times what a police officer makes, and $47,000 a year more than Strickland’s chief of staff made?

  • clambake

    Really? Do these businesses exist in a vacuum? Do they need the court system to help enforce contracts? Do they use the roads? Do their workers use the roads? Do they need an educated workforce? Do they need public safety officers?

  • Lindalou50

    Gov. Kasich, You have been in office now for 2 months. How much longer will it take before you realize that you don’t have the knowledge or integrity that this office requires??? You’re acting like a school boy out to avenge yourself . If you truly wanted to be Gov. you would have moved into the Gov.’s Mansion. This is something that only a few have ever had the opportunity to do. Of course, when you leave office, you will be remembered as the Governor who left it in shambles.

  • Tim M

    Dear Daytonborn,
    Appreciate the reply.
    Please keep in mind that cities buy fire trucks for the firefighers. They also have to buy ladders and hoses and all sorts of other equipment to make sure firefighters have what they need to fight fires. They get all this stuff from the private sector.

    The same goes for police. It even goes for the lowly city maintance workers who I see working hard in my city everday to keep it looking nice.

    I assume you own a home. Please keep in mind the value of your home and also home owner insurance rates are partly based on quality of your city services.

    One other point, there is the whole military contracting industry that keeps hundreds of thousands employed and creates unbelievable new technologies.

    I get what you are saying. But I don’t you’re seeing the whole picture. Government isn’t all good. Government isn’t all bad either. There is a vital need for it. And it would at least be good to be honest about it. I know it would be very hard for you to accept, but the current standard of living we all enjoy and the current wealth that we all enjoy is due in part to government actions.

  • check your facts…

    Yes, School Administrators do double dip. School administrators are also NOT part of the union and do not participate in collective bargaining. School administrators are allowed to double dip because it is written in STATE LAW that they are allowed to do so. It has nothing to do with unions or collective bargaining, and everything to do with wealthy individuals persuading their friends in the legislature to write laws that help them out. Teachers and other members of the school employee unions (and other unions for that matter) are not able to do what the administrators (who are outside the union) can do. The average administrator makes twice as much (or higher) than the average teacher. And again, this has nothing to do with the unions or collective bargaining. It is the same for people who work for various departments in the state. All management positions are exempt from the union and collective bargaining, and you can bet your ass that these exempt positions are paid much higher than the union employees. So DO NOT blame unions or the collective bargaining process for perceived curruption of people higher up.

  • Lindalou50

    Very few people I know could be called double dippers. Most retirees learn very fast that living on a state retirement is difficult. That’s the reason so many return to the workforce. Some of us are lucky enough to have been able to put money in other plans, VALIC, etc. Often this money can’t be touched without a penalty or until reaching age 60 or 65. It upsets me when you typecast state workers . I have family who have worked for the state and belonged to a union and family who work at the same place without the benefit of a union. So I know the pros and cons.

  • Anonymous

    Many signed up. Did you or anyone you know get a ticket?

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