I don’t normally post press releases in their entirety but this one seems worth the time. The FOP lodge representing Franklin County police officers, for the first time in their history, is pulling back one of their political endorsements. They go on to claim that Kevin Bacon lied to their members about collective bargaining and binding arbitration.

Press Release:

March 9, 2011

The Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9 is announcing that it has formally withdrawn its prior endorsement of Senator Kevin Bacon (Republican) of the Ohio 3rd Senate District. We hold our endorsed elected officials accountable for their statements to our members, especially when it comes to public safety and our law enforcement officer’s safety. His support of and public statements on Senate Bill 5 and the negative impact it has upon our ability to bargain issues of safety demonstrates he is no longer worthy of the support of our organization.

When Senator Bacon appeared before our membership, he represented that he supported collective bargaining and binding arbitration. His actions demonstrate otherwise. It now appears that Senator Bacon was not forthcoming with his true beliefs when he sought our endorsement. This is the first time that the lodge has taken this kind of action in rescinding a political endorsement. This important decision demonstrates that the men and woman of law enforcement hold our endorsed officials accountable when they serve the citizens of Ohio.

Jim Gilbert

  • M_hauenstein

    Sorry, too little, too late. What difference does withdrawing your endorsement do? As if you couldn’t have seen this coming a mile away.

  • guest

    Excellent. Probably a wave of these type of things coming from across the state.

  • leeseh

    Sorry–what difference does withdrawing your endorsement make.

  • David from Hilliard

    I was at a banquet Saturday night and next to me was a current Cols Police officer with 17 years on the force and his wife. I asked what they thought of Kasich’s efforts to end collective bargaining, and they went on for 10 minutes how it was an attack on the middle class, etc. The officer’s wife then said, “And what’s ironic is, we both voted for him.”

    What can you say about such stupidity? Maybe John Kasich didn’t out and out say he was going to do away with public employees collective bargaining when he ran for Governor – but all you had to do was listen to the man and look at his record as a legislator to know he would be no friend no labor.

    I think it was here on Plunderbund that I read over 1/3 of all union households in Ohio voted for Kasich over Strickland. I can’t imagine any union member – even if they’re in the private versus public sector – being happy with what Kasich is doing.

    It’s an old cliche but true – you reap what you sow.

  • Your integrity and passion to support our police, and to hold politicians accountable is worthy of our respect, and our thanks.

  • ThatDeborahGirl

    He did say it. Over and over and over again. But hey, Strickland was a Democrat who supported Obama (pssst….Obama is black) and so Strickland had to go because hey, Obama has bad policies. But the Republicans suck way worse.

    I keep saying this: John Kasich and Scott Walker are genuinely confused about the backlash against them. They campaigned on doing exactly what they are doing and they spelled it out in plain English in interviews, their speeches, their campaign literature.

    But no one expects a politician to really keep his campaign promises. The best thing I can say about these extremist conservative candidates is that they are honest; they truly mean what they say and plan to keep their word.

    It’s just too bad that conservative-leaning white folks, and those who are just outright bigots, only hear what they want to hear which at the time was “beat the Dems, beat Obama and make him a one term President”.

  • Let’s be reasonable people…

    Having been accused of being a self-righteous democrat myself, it strikes me as somewhat funny that I am the one writing this, however, we need to stop saying “I told you so…” to the people that have changed their minds. Believe me, the current events in our state are heart-wrenching and make me very angry, but when I see comments about people changing their minds, saying they’ve been a republican their whole lives but now they will vote anything but, and the FOP #9 taking back its endorsement, it is a good thing. I know the temptation is to say things like “you are reaping what you’ve sewn” or some other version of we told you so, but the reality is that we all need to stand together on this if we hope to have a chance of stopping it. We can’t let our past differences color our future collaborations. So, I suggest we all cut our conservative members who are standing with us some slack. They are here now and ready to fight with us. We need each other at this point, and finger pointing and name calling does no one any good and might push otherwise supportive people away.

    I, for one, am greatful that orgazations like this are standing up and speaking out. Better late than never is certainly true in this case. Thanks for joining the cause FOP #9 🙂

  • Deborah, you nailed it. The Tea Clan are simply veiled racists..

  • Sluggo

    @ThatDeborahGirl: That is simply not true about Kasich’s campaign. There are only two public mentions of collective bargaining: the quote about breaking the back of organized labor in schools delivered in Ashtabula and a comment that he wanted to “review” the collective bargaining law in the Dispatch just prior to the election.

    There was NO mention of collective bargaining in Kasich’s campaign – none. Believe me, I searched daily in the news for it because I spent a lot of time trying to convince my members that an attack on bargaining was coming. But Kasich didn’t campaign on collective bargaining AT ALL.

  • Anonymous

    Hear, hear… Absolutely correct. We are in this together.

  • leeseh

    Sorry, I see no “political balls” here. So they withdrew their endorsement–big deal! Does not affect his election, get him recalled or anything of substance. I worked for DPS and know what the attitude of some (probably most) of the Patrolmen have toward other DPS employees. Police and Fire unions thought that no Republican would turn against them and did not care that the other employee unions would be put out to dry. Now that Kasich has come after them, they are upset!

    I know very well that police and fire jobs are hard and I do have respect for that. They put their lives on the line every day for us. They can’t get paid enough in my opinion. But, crying now does no good when this was obviously the Republican plan all along and they still basically went along with it because they didn’t think it would affect them. The only good thing I think might come out of this is the police and fire unions will think twice before endorsing Republicans for a long time.

    I know I’m harping on this. I just think that they should have seen this coming. I promise not to post about this again.

  • leeseh

    Thank you for that information.

  • April 9, 2011? Is this a press release from the future?

  • We agree with you smokeater! We interviewed IAFF President Schaitberger yesterday (video coming soon) and he expressed his support for all unions.

  • Guest

    It’s almost as if those cops are, I don’t know, holding a grudge?

  • Guest

    It’s almost as if those cops are, I don’t know, holding a grudge?

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  • Greg Soper

    Kevin’ s position should give conservatives and the Tea Party Tremors. He wants to throw the middle class into the Mystic River. With his help Ohio’s economy will flatline.

  • Anonymous

    Great post, Reasonable. I just shared almost these exact thoughts under the IAFF story. We need to embrace the people who are seeing the light. It is so hard to admit that you made a mistake, it takes guts. Rubbing their noses in it is not helpful at all. They need our support.

  • Natasha

    Yes, the FOP Lodge 9 endorsement withdrawal has no effect whatsoever on Mr. Bacon or the other GOP-Kasich minions now in the legislature.

    It might in the future when these GOP politicians a slither from beneath their rocks and seek the limelight, campaign cash and photo-op grip and grin from police, firefighters, teachers and public employees that are receiving the shaft from Governor Kasich and his gang. Will these union guys remember this and not support them and vote them in again- who knows?

    It boils down to the old saw: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” It’s about the future. We’re stuck with the bad cards we have now, but there’s an election in about two years.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Sluggo. Although I do feel that Obama and race has fed a lot of this “right-wing reawakening,” and that people should be more responsible when they vote (i.e., do some freekin’ research and don’t just latch onto platitudes and fear-mongering) — Kasich and Walker and this new batch of November Republicans did pull off a historic bait-and-switch.

    But haven’t they been doing that for 30 years? When do you finally learn?

    I’m torn between sympathy and the urge to rub it in their faces. But what’s done is done. We have to address the issue at hand.

  • Doncirelli

    I never did like his movies, anyway…

  • Sarge

    You some kind of troublemaker? 😉

  • MissGov

    I retired from the state with 35 years of service. From 1983 when collective bargaining came to Ohio until the day I retired, I told my co-workers that I didn’t really care what their politics were but, if they ever voted for a Republican governor as a state employee, they were fools. Guess we have a lot of people that should have listened to someone who knew how the games were played.

  • Delco

    Or in the words of “W”, that ol’ Texas saying: “… fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

  • Really?

    Seriously? then you don’t understand how much SB5 affects them! They have already taken MANY cuts the last 5 years and Firefighters even froze their pay to help our City. No grudge, just want to be appreciated and have an AVERAGE income for work that most citizens wouldn’t do (ie. police, fire work) Would you run into a burning building or a shooting scene where multiple people have been shot and they are relying on you to help? Bet not!

  • Sarge

    NoSB5, I think that Guest was making a comment about the kerfuffle caused by a bunch of College Republicans who freaked out because some guy named Michael “Sarge” Piotrowski (who is allegedly a Lawyer for the FOP see link http://www.fox8.com/wjw-east-cleve-police-cuts-txt,0,5927107.story) posted on Frank LaRose’s (the vote that passed sb5)Facebook page “Funny thing about cops, they hold a grudge” There was a major explosion in the right-wing blogs, the real world did not seem to care.

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