From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Guest Post by Roldo Bartimole

When you see a bus heading toward a group of children you gotta do something. You can’t keep quiet or just stand there and do nothing.

That’s why I find it necessary to speak out against Gov. John Kasich, especially after his dumb down State of the State speech.

It was more a Fox News cheer lead than a message Ohioans need to hear. Phony passion in place of thought. Thoughtfulness isn’t in Kasich’s vocabulary. It’s too hard. He doesn’t do hard.

As I learned from Plain Dealer political writer Mark Naymik on the WCPN’s […]

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As we’ve been hinting at all week, Kasich is doing an event at the Capital Theater Riffe Center next Tuesday at 6 p.m.  Billed as a “town hall” meeting on the budget, Kasich promises to answer questions to attendees and people who attend online.

You can request your ticket here.

From the press release:

“As I said in my State of the State address, the state of the state is in our hands.  Ohio’s at a critical point and it is essential that the people of this state know how their leaders intend to guide us through this […]

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We were fortunate enough to spend some time with the International Association of Firefighters yesterday as they prepared to march on the statehouse.  You didn’t have to look very hard to figure out where they were.  By the time we arrived firefighters had already filled up a main hall and were overflowing outside on a relatively warm March day in Columbus.

Before getting together to interview General President Harold Schaitberger (bio), we were able to catch the majority of his rousing speech to the membership gathered at Local 67 in what can only be described as a […]

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I don’t normally post press releases in their entirety but this one seems worth the time. The FOP lodge representing Franklin County police officers, for the first time in their history, is pulling back one of their political endorsements. They go on to claim that Kevin Bacon lied to their members about collective bargaining and binding arbitration.

Press Release:

March 9, 2011

The Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9 is announcing that it has formally withdrawn its prior endorsement of Senator Kevin Bacon (Republican) of the Ohio 3rd Senate District. We hold our endorsed elected officials accountable […]

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The Dispatch and other media outlets are reporting that the House GOP leadership is DENYING that the reason two members of the House Commerce and Labor Committee had anything to do with the votes:

“House GOP leaders said the changes were made because the two need to focus on the Finance Committee, which will start budget hearings next week.”

I don’t know what’s a worse assignment for a Republican in a swing district facing re-election next year: being on the committee deciding SB 5 or Kasich’s budget.

Meanwhile, Shannon Jones continues to just make stuff up about SB […]

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