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  • guest

    Sorry can’t watch or listen to “his ugliness”, will wait for your evaluation, thanks again for keeping them honest.

  • OBW has a great post on where to watch the State of the State Address:


    Online streaming will be here:


  • Kelly

    Whoa. All I can say is, “WTF?” Seriously, what was that?

  • Littleguy

    So the King is too good to sleep in a barn at the state fair? What would you expect from a Lehman Bros CEO with a cushy high paid job. On the positive side, at least he won’t lower the class of animals in the hog barn. Bet the pigs are all relieved.

  • Thank you, PB, for the live comments.

  • Anonymous

    I listened to my car radio for about 15 minutes, but I could not continue to hear him any longer because my blood pressure started to go up. For my own safety, I shut off the radio. However, what I did hear was very disjointed and rather poorly written. It did not sound like a formal speech, but rather someone giving an off the cuff campaign speech.

  • Mrs. W

    Thank you to everyone at Plunderbund. You are heros for your reporting and keeping people informed during the Kasich crisis.

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