Watch as John Kasich mentions “collective bargaining reform” and gets ripped by protesters. He’s clearly rattled at first, but pivots to basically say “you can protest, but we’re still running over you with the bus”. To this the entire Republican majority and leadership gives a rousing standing ovation:

It’s extraordinary to note that what they are applauding is the decimation of the rights of firefighters, police, and teachers to be able to collectively negotiate the terms of their employment and conditions of their workplace. It should serve as a reminder that these are the same types of people who love to pose with these honorable public servants in their campaign literature and tout them (and rightly so) as heroes when they step in the line of fire, run into a burning building, or take on the honorable task of teaching our kids.

Those same people are now attacking them and they are applauding their king when he makes reference to those attacks.