According to a house source, Republicans have on the first day of hearings replaced a member of the Commerce and Labor Committee in order to ensure passage of SB5.  The makeup of the committee is 9-6 Republican.  There are two freshman on the committee and what they are apparently doing is letting one freshman vote no to avoid electoral fallout, but they can’t let two people vote no or SB5 will not make it out.

Ross W. McGregor (OH-72) is being replaced by William P. Coley, II (OH-55). They’ve actually already updated the committee website to include Coley and omit McGregor.

This is now the third committee that the GOP has had to rig in order to get SB5 to pass. This is wholly unprecedented to have to jury rig 3 committees to save a bill – especially given a sizable majority!

UPDATE: Make that two members of the committeee. Gongwer is reporting that Rep. Richard Adams (R-Troy) has also been replaced on the committee with Rep. Louis Blessing (R-Cincinnati). This is beyond ridiculous. The Republicans have had to replace nearly a third of their membership on the committee on the first day of hearings just to keep the bill alive.

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  • Anonymous

    How long can we stand by as the Republicans make a mockery out of our legislative process?

    As we protest these actions, let’s not fail to support the Democratic members and any Republicans who vote “No” on SB5 and any and all other legislation that stops Ohio from being a forward moving state.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    You are kidding ? already — it not even 5 oclock yet —
    not shoving this down our throats ? BS

  • Anonymous

    Actually they replaced two members. R. Adams and McGregor are out; Blessing and Coley are in. Web roster has already been updated, but here’s what the committee used to look like: (may need subscription to view)

  • Anonymous

    We’ve updated.

  • Donut, Brooksie, The Calendar

    This is important. Glad people are making archives of websites, taking screengrabs, etc. to show the changes they are making. Remember, too, the Internet Archive & The Wayback Machine. I’ve used those to go back to former versions of webpages, & was even able to finally grab an audio that I’d wanted but didn’t have the means to capture until after the website had changed. I just went back to around the time when I thought I used to visit the site a couple of years earlier, and was delighted to find what I wanted was there, & this time I had the means to extract it from the website.

  • Allih

    Shameful. After Seitz called them out on it, too.

  • Tarfam325

    Do we have NO recourse??? These dishonest practices are horrendous and MUST Be STOPPED!!! PEOPLE, do NOT be complacent because they THINK they have won!!!! PLUNDERBUND, PLEASE expose these crooks and help us know what we need to do! The Senators are already sending out letters to protesters “carefully” explaining their position on their support of Senate Bill 5 in these “hard times”. Seriously??? EXPOSE their salaries in the newspaper and show EXACTLY how much they pay for their health care and what coverage the legislators receive and GUARANTEE that all public employees will receive THE EXACT SAME coverage, at the EXACT same price. And, by the way, if the State of Ohio wants their public employees to be treated more like “private sector” employees when it comes to retirement, then they should not be allowed to hold our retirement funds hostage and we should be allowed to have access to our retirement money AT ANY TIME and we should have the CHOICE to invest it WHERE we please, just as the private sector employees can. They CANNOT have it both ways!!!!

  • Tarfam325

    EVERYBODY go here:

    NOW and send all of the Representatives an e-mail message: We Will NOT support YOU if you support Senate Bill 5 in its current form!

    Sending MASSIVE amounts of e-mails to these REPRESENTATIVES CAN help!!!

    Please, take a few moments to do this TONIGHT and TOMORROW!!!

  • Anonymous

    If you go to the Buckeye Institute website ( ), you can find the 2010 salaries of all the members of the Ohio House and Ohio Senate. Under the pull down menu for department, you can find House of Representatives and Senate members. You can also find the yearly cost of supplying them health care and sick leave cost. How can this information be sent out to everyone to show that these people have excellent benefits, pensions, and Social Security, yet they are targeting hardworking people in the state? For some members of the General Assembly, they have other salaries as well.

  • IMHO2

    Yesterday: Kasich: You ain’t seen nothing yet!
    Today: House Republicans stack committee with yesmen.

  • Annekarima

    Definition of fascism
    dictatorial movement: any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism

  • Donut, Brooksie, The Calendar

    This describes them exactly, except for the centralized control of private enterprise part. They don’t want ANY control over private enterprise. In fact, they want to PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING, & DEREGULATE EVERYTHING, so that corporations can run rampant, with no minimum wage, water being privately owned, no public libraries or public schools, no National Parks or other protected areas, no protected species, no controls over pollution, etc. If some wealthy person can make money off it, they want to sell it, kill it, own it, charge for it, steal it, or destroy it.

  • Cabbage Gardener

    Didn’t think McGregor would even be on the fence after a recent townhall in Springfield with Reps Widener & Hackett. I guess Kasich’s advice today that they could “die a thousand deaths” didn’t reassure them.

  • DebbieW999

    Sen Widener voted YES, regrettably. I will be working for his opponent next election.

  • celcathy

    Will the newspapers cover this?

    How far can these guys go before the general public decides this just isn’t right?

    Someone needs to call Lawrence O’Donnell. He really went after this on “The Last Word” when this happened in the Senate.

  • Anonymous

    this’ll get covered, though with State of the State and whatever the hell is happening with OSU football going on, it’ll get little notice.

    This is all perfectly within the rules (which also prohibit recording or broadcasting committee hearings) – if we want to change the rules, we need to take back the majority. Twenty-two more months…

  • Donut, Brooksie, The Calendar

    We can’t wait 22 more months. They are ramrodding their agenda through before they get kicked out. Everything they do is designed for one purpose: to get and keep more & more power. They want single party rule. That’s why they are going after the unions, trying to block the student vote, etc. They want to destroy the unions, destroy the middle class, & destroy the Democratic party from being any real contenders against them. They’ve packed the Supreme Court w/ extremists & Roberts is a young man. He’ll be there for decades. They got them to open the floodgates for abuse of our electoral system with the Citizens United decision allowing corporations to give unlimited money to Republican candidates (& any Democrat that’s willing to sell out to them), they dominate the airwaves, & most of the mainstream media, all the while perpetuating the lie about the “liberal media”. We can’t keep losing ground & waiting politely for our turn & then trying to get them to cooperate w/ us the way Obama, Reid, & others have done. These are not people acting in good faith. They don’t just have a different opinion on priorities or the role of government. They do not BELIEVE in gov’t by the PEOPLE. That’s why they ignore thousands of protestors & rig the system to get their way like this latest maneuver. We have got to start working on recalling these people RIGHT NOW. When we are gathered at these protests, we should be having teach-ins on civics, on recalling people in office, on changing the Constitution to ban Corporate Personhood in OH, on how to collect signatures for ballot initiatives, etc., & we should be gathering names, contact info, & county of residence of the people attending these rallies & identifying volunteers who are willing to organize in their counties for recall, ballot initiatives, GOTV, Constitutional amendment, etc.

  • jb99

    Gee, doesn’t that sound familiar??? Have you already forgotten how the Democrats ramrodded thier agenda down America’s throat, before they got voted out??? Have you forgotten the Dem’s comments, “We won, you lost, get over it”???? Every complaint you make can be turned around and said about the Democrats.

  • Diggitt

    Why don’t YOU call Lawrence O’Donnell? I’m an out-of-state Ohioan, and I’m wondering how long you guys are going to wait for other people to do what YOU should be doing.

    YOU are the people whose legislature is behaving badly. YOU are the people whose governor is shooting down working people’s rights. How can YOU just sit there and saying “someone” ought to be bringing this to the attention of the media?

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, Diggitt, you didn’t notice the thousands of people massed outside the Statehouse before penning your putdown of what Ohioans allegedly aren’t doing.

  • Diggitt

    Of course I know — family members are there. But whimpering about how “someone [else] should” do this or that is a hell of a way to run a revolution.

    Ohioans who are on the spot and know exactly what’s happening should be on the phones to every commentator on every network about this. If the networks and bloggers can’t be bothered to tell the story, they’ve got to be pressed again and again and again. But it has to be the people who are there, not outsiders.

    And passing the buck is despicable and it’s what’s gotten us into this mess: the conviction that “they” (whoever that is) will take care of whatever’s wrong. “They” can be at the Capitol; “they” will invent something so cars can continue to run; “they” will take care of the economy. “They” haven’t done it and “they” are not going to do it.

  • MissGov

    As an Ohioan, I have been e-mailing commentators the changes to committees when it was in the Senate and, today, I e-mailed them again. Fingers crossed hoping they respond.

  • Diggitt

    YAY!!! Keep it up.

  • Bryancoloh43231

    Talk about dishonesty, makes things that much more clear how crooked and low the Republican party will stoop on this bill. Thanks to those who do see both sides and stand up and to all our union members. Stand strong!

  • Greg Soper

    Here is what probably happened. The House being more conservative would not have approved the Senate version(because it does not go far enough) without changes. Those changes would have pushed it back to the Senate, where they would have missed the April 6th deadline to have it on the November ballot(if the 90 days grace period is on or before July 6th, it would appear on the 2011 ballot). If it falls after July 6, it would be on the ballot November 2012.

    Make sure the Tea Party knows what happened, contact your local papers, make them aware of this TOMORROW!

  • Anonymous

    Committees ALWAYS have the majority party with more members than the minority. Let’s keep things in perspective. The GOP have something like 19 more members than the Democrats. The party id of the committee isn’t shocking. What’s shocking is that even with these large majorities, they’re having problems.

  • Rahmatejic

    I agree! Call NBC and ask why they haven’t run a story on the switching of committee members on the House SB5 TWICE! (614) 263-4444 patrick preston NBC 4 has covered it the most and that’s where I left my message. I also asked they run an investigative story on how much these Reps. and Senators make…..the more calls the more likely they’ll run something!

  • Tarfam325

    Seriously…everybody call! I just called and the person who answered sounded like he’d never heard of the story. we REALLY need media coverage on this and the UNDERHANDED tactics the Senate and House Committee members have used to pass this HORRID legislation!!!

  • Clarkmip

    I just got off the phone with NBC 4 and was told that Kasuck didn’t have anything to do with the switcheroo. (yeah right) They told me that had other committees that they had to attend to and decided voluntarily not to participate.

  • Anonymous

    We did another post that reported that the House GOP leadership was claiming this. Frankly, we’re a little skeptical. Regardless, if that were the case, they handled it poorly.

  • Somebody

    Then why did they listen to over 200 hours of testimony if they had planned on removing themselves from the committee to begin with???




    I would expect nothing less than sleaze from Republicans.

  • Mitch

    Watch the video below if you really believe SB5 is a bad thing.
    Try and use basic logic and reason.
    Try and imagine the eventual result if things keep on the way they are.
    Try and look past selfishness to FACTS!
    No matter what you “feel” about it this is an issue of logic and math.
    PLEASE try and regain sanity and perspective .
    This video might be a start:

  • Anna in Cbus

    I couldn’t get past the first 30 seconds of that tripe.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t trout out Heritage Foundation propaganda that is entirely false and misleading and call it “factual.”

  • Anonymous

    The 60’s called…they want their memes back.

  • Jreber151

    They walked out and had to be replaced. They should have done their jobs!!!

  • Anonymous

    Given that the Committee’s website was updated DURING the hearing to show the change…. I think this was planned. They didn’t walk out and got replaced. They got replaced at the onset.

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t jump…they were pushed.

  • Anonymous

    The Republican Mission Statement:

    If you can’t win on your ideas, cheat.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    if it were.. perhaps we could stuff the ballot box
    not much different than this –is it…….

  • Pingback: GOP replaces TWO members of Commerce and Labor Committee to ensure SB 5 passage()

  • Mhunley

    I think it is rather nice that they are being so crappy in public- makes it easier to point it out.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. It gives us a heck of a talking point for the upcoming referendum campaign.

  • Dortha Cox

    The Gov. can control anything they want. its really scary.I think some power should be taken from the governors office. This man is a Hitler want to be.

  • NOtoSB5

    All you yes voters are a POS and will pay come election time!!!

  • ARTteacher

    i hope it passes. and i hope unions fall apart all over the us and disappear completely.

  • ARTteacher

    republicans should rule. they are the only ones with a head on their shoulders with realistic goals and ideas.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Well some one sent me that “quote”
    its not really a quote BUT its exactly what happened on May 2,1933
    look up page 202 in the book,, The rise and fall of the 3rd reich by shirer
    in fact the parts in the book about the unions is all very interesting
    I just thought I would tell you this before some history nut jumps all over you like they did Sharrod Brown when he hinted at that in a comment he made on SB 5

  • Tuffyrice1967

    How in the hell, is this legal?

  • Somebody

    Coley is not eligible to run for another term. No surprise that they are replacing committee members with people who won’t don’t run the risk of not getting re-elected. The conservatives are making a mockery of democracy and splitting their own party. Many of the more moderate Republicans have already started disassociating themselves from the party.

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