Yeah, that whole “Tea Party is nothing more than Koch Brothers/Americans for Prosperity funding astroturfing operation” is just a kooky liberal smear.  Except of course, when a Tea Party activist posts on YouTube the training session they just had with Americans for Prosperity…

Meanwhile, we’ve got over an hour of footage of a “grassroots training session” in which an Ohio official from Americans from Prosperity “trains” the Tea Party to advocate their state legislators on SB 5, repealing the estate tax, and other conservative legislative agenda items.

On the budget: Americans for Prosperity predicts that the state budget will create a larger amount of outrage than SB 5.

Calls the budget fight conservatives only hope to get their agenda passed in their lifetime because these conservatives won’t be around after the next election.

SB 5: Our fact checker nearly quit after watching this short clip from the workload strain.  She lies about the inability of local governments to do anything about agreements during economic downturn.  Lies about the savings.  And she’s smart and informed enough to know she was lying.

Interestingly, former State Rep. Seth Morgan suggests the Omnibus Amendment was solely to get LaRose’s vote.  He then kind of backtracks from it.

Americans for Prosperity on being non-partisan: Not even the Tea Party crowd or the presenter can keep a straight face when talking about Americans for Prosperity being “non-partisan.”

Estate tax repeal: Goes straight from killing the middle class (but it doesn’t matter because they’re a small number of those who just work in government) to push a repeal of the estate tax.

These people care more about rich dead folks than live, middle-class folks.

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  • This blows the lid off of the teabagger sham. You need to send this video to Rachel Maddow, it needs national exposure.

  • Absolutely. My heart breaks for us here in Ohio knowing that Kasich is going to wreck this state…………he has the majority to do whatever he pleases. Some days I can barely stand reading the letters section in the Enquirer, it’s pure FOX and talk radio indoctrination coming from so many people.

  • Elaine1014

    I just threw up in my mouth a little…

  • Freddavisretail

    Your hypocrisy is laughable. The Tea Party is astroturf, but the unions busing people in on their “professional development” days is 5000 patriots fighting for their rights. Gimme a break. Those 5000 people were looking for nothing other than their pocketbook.

  • Anonymous

    Your understanding of the term “astroturfing” is. An out-of-state organization like Americans for Prosperity which relies on corporate donations using the Tea Party as a “grassroots” front for their agenda is astroturfing. Union members going to protest their government going after their own livelihood isn’t astroturfing. BTW, I’ve never been in an union, and I’ve gone to Columbus to protest SB 5.

  • buckeyekelly

    The entire time the PowerPoint presentation is in view, so is the exit sign.
    Coincidence? I think not.

    There’s the door teabaggers. Don’t let it hit on you on your social program loving-self-loathing asses.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    OMG I cant even finish watching this —
    so wheres the money savings for the budget
    doesnt she remind you of Olive Oyl……..
    if I listened to her much I would have to have something in my tea !!1

  • Sluggo

    Here is some interesting background on Ms. Heimlich, who is the wife of former Hamilton County Commissioner Phil Heimlich:

  • Madison County

    The estate tax/”death tax” is a huge smoke screen on several levels; one of the most significant is the fact that it can be avoided by establishment of a trust or corporation. I’m not an attorney, but have worked in agriculture for over 30 years; this is the method that large acreages are passed on to heirs: “generational transfer of assets”. That is why that more farm families are not in arms about this; don’t you think that Rhodes, Voinovich or Taft would have addressed this by now. The FOX news/tea party crowd is so unfocused that they don’t realize that they are being used as tools by larger interests.

  • Rgtmwlly

    Rgtmwlly and Plundetbund finally agree on something: Seth Morgan is a piece of shit. Common ground baby!

  • Jim

    She did the same rambling when she spoke in proponent testimony in the Senate. She really is another token brunette.

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