Yeah, that whole “Tea Party is nothing more than Koch Brothers/Americans for Prosperity funding astroturfing operation” is just a kooky liberal smear.  Except of course, when a Tea Party activist posts on YouTube the training session they just had with Americans for Prosperity…

Meanwhile, we’ve got over an hour of footage of a “grassroots training session” in which an Ohio official from Americans from Prosperity “trains” the Tea Party to advocate their state legislators on SB 5, repealing the estate tax, and other conservative legislative agenda items.

On the budget: Americans for Prosperity predicts that the state budget will create a larger amount of outrage than SB 5.

Calls the budget fight conservatives only hope to get their agenda passed in their lifetime because these conservatives won’t be around after the next election.

SB 5: Our fact checker nearly quit after watching this short clip from the workload strain.  She lies about the inability of local governments to do anything about agreements during economic downturn.  Lies about the savings.  And she’s smart and informed enough to know she was lying.

Interestingly, former State Rep. Seth Morgan suggests the Omnibus Amendment was solely to get LaRose’s vote.  He then kind of backtracks from it.

Americans for Prosperity on being non-partisan: Not even the Tea Party crowd or the presenter can keep a straight face when talking about Americans for Prosperity being “non-partisan.”

Estate tax repeal: Goes straight from killing the middle class (but it doesn’t matter because they’re a small number of those who just work in government) to push a repeal of the estate tax.

These people care more about rich dead folks than live, middle-class folks.

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