If history had been any guide, 2011 should have been an incredibly slow year in political social media until the Presidential campaign heats up.  Normally, we see a spike of traffic around election time, and then a huge dropoff with a slowly rebuilding spike starting roughly a year and half later.

John Kasich’s radical agenda single-handedly changed that.  In January, we broke all sorts of all-time records for the site: we shattered our single-day traffic record, our single-post traffic record, and then our weekly and month traffic records.  But our traffic in January wasn’t just single-post spikes, we saw a steady increase across the board as our baseline traffic numbers rose.

As a result, those records lasted only a month.  By mid-February, we had all new records.  Our traffic since November has been going up exponentially.  In the first week of March, we’ve already nearly tied with our monthly traffic in January.

According to BlogAds, we’re in the Top #20 of sites advertising in their progressive hives nationally!  We’re getting more traffic than national blogs like MyDD, Swing State Project, Pandagon, and Tom Tomorrow’s blog.  We’re just behind The Young Turks in traffic numbers.

So, if you’re looking to advertise your company or your services, you’re not going to get a better deal than advertising on Plunderbund right now.  Your ad will be seen by over ten thousand Ohioans daily.  No other advertising venue gives you that size of audience with our bargain rates.  Contact Eric for more information today (eric-at-plunderbund-dot-com)!

And to our loyal readers, new and old, thank you!  Sorry for the plug, but we’ve got to pay some bills doing this from time to time!  😉

We now return to our regularly scheduled posts of progressive political snark…