Read enough previews for the State of the State stories in today’s newspapers and one common thread emerges in all of them:  John Kasich doesn’t think the media has given adequate attention to just how awesome and “historic” his first 50 some days in office have been.

"I think we’ve had a historic 50 days," Kasich said. "It’s really been pretty remarkable."—Columbus Dispatch

From the Plain Dealer:

"The governor said he wonders why he hasn’t received more favorable coverage across the state for his accomplishments. But then again, he knows why. He vows to do a better job keeping in check his off-the-cuff remarks which have landed him in trouble.

And so on. Governor, it’s called a “State of the State” address, not “State of the Governor.”

In fact, the stories all indicate that Kasich doesn’t reportedly even have a draft of the speech ready as of Friday (which I find as incredibly hard to believe as the notion the Administration is trying to put out there that Kasich is writing the whole thing himself.)

What Kasich has all but assured the media that WON’T be in his State of the State address is much in the way of specifics in his State budget due the following week.  Those details will be revealed at the last possible minute in an event at the Riffe Tower scheduled for next week, we’re told.  While the media coverage of that afterwards will be as intense, the backdrop of such a presentation is more subdued than a State of the State address.  In short, Kasich is intentionally avoiding using the State of the State to defend the specifics budget he has yet to introduce.

There’s something to be said for a politician standing in the well of the people’s legislative branch, looking the gallery and those legislators in the eye and telling them, this is my agenda and this is why I believe it must be done.  Kasich, apparently, isn’t planned to that.  Instead, he wants to recap what he’s done and then give a “big picture” thematic speech of what the problems are in how and how what he’s doing fits  in there.  It’s a whole lot easier to give a speech about the need for everyone to work together, get things done, and do something that creates jobs and opportunities in Ohio than it is to explain how a 20% cut in higher education fits into that agenda.

It’s cowardly.  Kasich expects these legislators, many of them freshman, most of whom are used to their work being virtually anonymous and now thrust them in the spotlight to pass his budget.  And yet, Kasich isn’t willing to stand there in the well of the people’s House and talk about the programs he’s eliminating or massively cutting and why.  Everyone, including Kasich’s own folks, are predicting that the State budget is going to create an even bigger dustup than SB 5, if that’s possible.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be the same vapid “we’re all in this together; I’m concerned about poverty” nonsense he gave us at the inauguration.  Kasich made no effort to work with public unions on collective bargaining reform.  He had Shannon Jones roll it out and only allowed it to be scaled back when the Senate lacked the votes to pass it as originally written (more on that later today.)  If John Kasich is interested in working together with everyone to solve Ohio’s problems, he’s done an embarrassingly poor job demonstrating that in the past fifty days.

During the campaign, this site was a regular critic of Governor Kasich’s stubborn unwillingness to just level with people about what exactly he was planning to do, to explain his agenda.  If Kasich’s speech tomorrow is nothing more than historical revisionism of the past fifty some days and vapid, inspirational speaker-type platitudes, he continues to fail to level with us.  It’s been two months since he took office, will he finally tell us what his full agenda is since he refused to do so during the campaign?

If this is the best Governor Kasich is willing to do to defend SB 5 and his budget, why should he expect the members of the General Assembly to be any more visible and unified in defending it, either?

If that’s the path Kasich chooses to go, then he really is overpaying his communication staff.  Kasich better learn quickly that you can’t just wrap the word “jobs” around everything you do and expect it to sail through.  Or come January 2013, he may find a lot fewer friendly faces looking at him from the gallery for his third State of the State address.

  • cbusdem

    I really hope he works in another comment about chicken and noodles and bob evans. I loved that in the inauguration.

  • MissGov

    I’m sure his speech will contain his comments, “I was the one that balanced the budget when I was a Congressman.” So lame!

  • Anonymous

    We know who is occupying the Governor’s Office. We know the Fox News sound bites that will emanate. Many of his followers have come to the realization that what was once a sound bite is now backed by a power that can affect their lives, their jobs, their incomes, and their futures.

    There is a vast difference between watching NASCAR hoping to see a massive pile up of vehicles in flames and realizing that the next car wreck may involve you and your family.

    Kasich’s “If you’re not on the bus, we’ll run over you with the bus,” is becoming all too vivid a possibility to many. Let’s hope that this time the driver of that bus sees the people on the side of the road, pulls over, is forced to send the bus to the impound lot, and we take back the keys.

  • Lindalou50

    Has anyone noticed how much Kasich’s mannerisms mimic G.W.Bush’s. The deer in the headlight look, the ability to smile at all the inappropriate times. The ability to never hold his head up straight, always at an angle as if he’s been rear-ended !!!Will he tell us he’s the “Decider’ ???I know it’s a longshot but…. I’m hoping he announces he’s stepping down……….

  • Anonymous

    Indeed, his first 50 days HAVE been historic. What other governor has so quickly walked back on so many promises, unveiled so many punitive extremist measures, and turned so many people against him so quickly? I think his ability to trash most shreds of goodwill he enjoyed so soon is remarkable.

  • Jen

    I’m willing to bet that it will include three of his favorite words – sacrifice, drastic, and scripture. The word that won’t be mentioned? Re-election.

  • Slapshot

    I know it would be a bit early, but I would suggest a drinking game. You have to drink every time he says entrepreneurship. Feel free to suggest other “drink” words.

  • Slapshot

    I know it would be a bit early, but I would suggest a drinking game. You have to drink every time he says entrepreneurship. Feel free to suggest other “drink” words.

  • guest

    I hope he singles out a cop and calls him an “idiot” again.

    RJKIN, you said it very well. He got a lot of votes from people who now have vowed to vote him out

  • Roto Rooter

    How about every time he starts a sentence with “Look” meaning “Look here you idiot”….

  • By all people..Kasich n his private sector CEO’s? Has anyone given much thought to his plan on “easing” as stated in todays article? If all “private sector.” CEO’s? They r exempt from gov’t policies? And…if private..meaning corporate…CEO’s..Be careful Ohio..the Koch brothers are pushn for this n if corporate controlled instead of govt controlled..could open up to enviromental “easing/” They dont have to follow the enviromental regulations…”easing?” Who are really stealing, overpaid, n manipulating u against us, the public servants who protect n keep govts/corporations n check, with UNION HELP, keeping Ohio, America safe from company’s who will save billions “easing” regulations..pollutn our water tables..enviroment, ? Remember BP gulf mess? New Orleans? They r drilln again…remember the love canal? Children will b sick..cancer..”Easing” zand changing our gov;t is not what he;s leadn u to believe. His goal? Corporate control..”easing” regulations.. not to benefit our community..but control people, us, by manipulating us, taking peoples rights away…instilling fear. He’s got everyone in private sector mad at public servants dividing us. Why? Think! We average 45-50 grand? He n his CEO’s…200-300,000….? Who will really benefit here? We are the working class like you. Historic? Oh yes..historic alright…Oh n by the way? Kasich , aaccordn to Columbus Dispatch this morning states they are handn out vouchers for hearings, 1st come 1st serve…My opinion? They r already gone! With the Koch billionaires fundn the teabaggers with millions to help Kasich n them destroy unions n intentionally cause Ohio to split blaming and accusing ur educators, nurses and protectors of riding the gravy train! We average 45-50grand and are highly educated, attendn college our entire lives to keep up liscensures. We r educated with more education or equal to lawyers, doctors…but we serve you and are passionate about our jobs. We chose these public service jobs not to join a union but to serve , educate n protect our communities and provide a better future for our children and grandchildren. Kasich n his private sector corporation buddies he appointed with raises n bonuses that should have been Ohioans jobs, now are tryn to convince you, we r criminals n taking from u the tax payers. We r taxpayers, n my pension, I paid into, not the taxpayers. Ill pay being a taxpayer my firemen, police, nurses..because my safety n there courage protectn us is worth it to me. Im not some millionaire, like Kasich who worked with Lehman brothers who took millions from Ohioans leaving them without anything. Remember Ohio? We are the middle class. We are you. The only people riding the “gravy train?” Not any of us…Kasich took from us before with the Lehman brothers..”gravy baby!” Millions…remember? Wake up Ohio.

  • Tamaratrapnell

    Who actually voted for this moron? IMPEACH! BEFORE HE KILLS WHAT IS LEFT OF OHIO. (rolls eyes and sighs)

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