When Ken Jelinek, a 42 year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department, posted a message on Senator Frank LaRose’s Facebook wall expressing his disappointment with LaRose’s yes vote on Senate Bill 5, and his anger with Republican bloggers who twisted the words of a union lawyer to make it seem like he was threatening the Senator, the last thing he expected was to be personally attacked by LaRose’s supporters. But that’s exactly what happened.

Four minutes after Jelinek posted his comment, Tim Monaco, a 26 year old college kid who lives in Akron, kicked off a stream of attacks that have continued until today. Monaco’s attacks mainly focus on how his own health insurance costs are too high and how the mooching union members (aka Cleveland Police Officers) are getting all of their benefits paid for by taxpayers. “Your health insurance is still paid for, by me”, says Monaco. “I have to pay for mine too.”

A quick look at Tim’s LinkedIn profile shows he’s actually only had two jobs in his life – and one of them was working for a Public (read: tax-payer supported) University. The other was working on the campaign of John Husted last year.

A little more digging shows Tim actually attended two public universities (The University of Akron and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) – which means his education was at least partially funded by taxpayers. Oh, and one more interesting fact: Tim’s mother was a teacher at both schools Tim attended.

Do you see Tim’s position disappearing before your eyes?

Not only was his mother paid by public universities and, most likely, given health benefits from the same universities – from which Tim probably benefited – but students of faculty members at public universities almost always get free or seriously reduced tuition.

Quick Recap: a college kid who’s never held the same job for more than a few months and who has most likely benefited from a tax-payer funded education and health benefits is lecturing a retired police officer who spent 42 years of his life in public service on the cost of HIS health benefits?

To be fair, Tim’s arguments – while misdirected and hypocritical – certainly aren’t the worst on LaRose’s Facebook wall.

That dubious honor goes Chris Malcheski – a computer programmer who doesn’t even live in Ohio.

Compared to Mr.Malcheski’s, Tim seems almost polite.

In Malcheski’s many comments he calls unions “a cancer to the American way of life” and claims union members – including fire fighters and police officers – are bottom feeders who “are not known for intelligence.”

But he saves the bulk of his angry rants for the laziest bottom feeders of them all: Blacks.

Remember the old days, when Blacks contributed …

When did it all stop? MLK. It stopped cold. What have they done since MLK “liberated” them, and they became a sanctioned victim group? Maybe it’s just me but I’m not seeing a whole lot of heroes coming out of any official victim group.

The only group left who is not in that category is White males. And collectively we hold more power in this country than any other. You can be proud to be any race … except White. Then you’re racist. You can have a history month for any group … except Whites. Then you’re racist.

Why yes, yes you are, Mr. Malcheski.

Immediately after this rant, another participant in the discussion quickly replied: “man, one of you guys need to delete the h3ll out of the above post before some liberal blogger sees it.”

Too late.

Here’s a screen shot of Malcheski’s rant (don’t worry, I captured the rest too):