This cartoon by Mike Thompson of the Detroit Free Press pretty much sums up the way I feel about the anti-teacher union folks… (click the cartoon for a full size image)

  • Rgtmwlly

    Only thing that isn’t realistic about this cartoon is that the guy has enough to afford a sweater and a backpack for his kid after paying taxes through the nose for the teacher’s gold-plated benefits package. Otherwise, it’s spot on.

  • Patc1217

    Have you ever tried to deal with 35-40 young children all day, then grade papers & do lesson plans at night? My sister even has to pay for many of her classroom supplies or the children won’t have them.

  • Guest 2.0

    Instead of going after teachers, the ones who actually give back to you. Why don’t you go after the ones who don’t do anything to give back to you.. You know the billionaires that get tax breaks and are as wealthy as can be. You also must realize that when these salaries get cut and they’re paying more out.. they will be going on welfare. And guess who still pays for them? We all do.

    On a side note unrelated to you Rgtmwlly.. but very related to the subject at hand.

    I’m a pretty fed up with republicans, tea party members, GOP.. whatever they wish to go by these days going around calling union members thugs, scum bag, and lazy, you know the deal. Lets look at the definition of a thug, shall we?

    Thug (thg) n.
    1. Cutththroat or ruffian; A hoodlum
    and just for good measure lets throw another definition out there just so we’re all sure what it means
    2. A tough and violent man, esp a criminal.

    Now, lets take a look at the “thugs” in the Union..

    Oh, wow
    A police officer? A thug? But I thought ..I thought that they were there to protect us from the “thugs” The ones who first respond to any sort of dispute, putting their lives in danger.

    A firefighter? Oh, Wow.. I thought they were there to protect us too, and help us if god forbid our houses burnt down. Again, putting their life on the line to save others.

    A teacher? Hmm, you mean the ones who help us raise our children? The ones that we allow to go into their classroom and learn everyday? Thugs? But, I thought thugs were violent? The ones who devote their life to helping not only their children but to other peoples children. The ones who day in and day out try to help them all become better in every aspect of life.

    And public workers, many I know I have missed. Hell, my own father is a public worker. He has dedicated 23 years of his life to giving back to the people of his community, while he is working and while he is at home. And I can tell you this, he is no thug, nor scum bag. He is the hardest working man that I know. He loves his job. He struggles with his finances just like everyone else.

    Now, let’s get to the larger picture.

    Okay everyone is broke, I understand this. But, why haven’t the billionaires and others alike paid their fair share? Why were they the ones bailed out? Where is our bail out? Have we not suffered enough? It sickens me that everyone has turned against each other in Ohio, when we all must realize that just because you think you won’t be affected by this, you better think again. If you have less than 350,000 a year, you better realize that this is not just an attack on the union but the middle class itself. This is just a mere small piece of the pie. Did you ever wonder why so many jobs are shipped off to other places? While we’re out busting our ass to make a living, the CEO’s are out spending up their bonuses on things they don’t even need. Meanwhile, we’re here trying to wonder how we’re going to get the electric on so we can stay warm in the winter. Wondering how we’re going to get through this with each and every bill stacking up. Having to make decisions between, Do I want to buy food or do I want to keep my water on. Meanwhile, CEO’s of America are deciding which island they would like to travel to and which yacht they should take. Everyone who is not a billionaire needs to step up to the plate and realize this is our time to solve this problem. This is our time to be heard instead of being treated like peasants of America . This is our time for our government to hear our voice. The sooner we realize this, the better it will be for each and every single one of us trying to get by each and everyday.

  • Madison County

    Man; I didn’t know that teachers, police, fire fighters and ODOT employees were the reason my Dad’s job went to China. Now it all makes sense. If only we wouldn’t have bothered taxing millionaires in the first place; we would be used to gruel and illness now. Maybe FOX News will forgive us, if we promise not to educate our children and watch more “entertainment” on their television network.

  • Dsholecko

    Most likely, if the child showed up to school without a sweater and backpack, his teacher would buy him both out of his/her own pocket. Teachers care about kids and know that kids who are hungry, needy, and ill-prepared can’t learn.

  • Thenewkirk7

    educate yourself Rgtmwlly

  • Xx

    Yes, that is true, but it just is keeping him from being that much closer to the 400 people who are worth as much as 50% of the population of the US and that really pisses him off.

  • terri

    good one addie

  • Mst Surge

    An uneducated and ill-informed responce. Benefit packages are a negotiated part of, for all intensive purposes, their salary. Please turn off Fox news and try to find a more balanced source in which to form your opinions.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, so the point is the guy in the cartoon is a hypocrite. So, putting the hyperbole of the cartoon aside, by extension you must agree a person who shops around for the best deal on a brake job for his car is also a hypocrite.

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