From the daily archives: Saturday, March 5, 2011

As we’ve been reporting recently, Ohio posted an impressive streak of reduced unemployment month-after-month over the last year of Strickland’s tenure. It’s important to show that Ohio’s recovery began before Kasich had any influence over the state’s economy – primarily because the myth of poor performance is being used to justify a radical anti-public agenda, but also because it is an utter certainty that he will try to take credit for any subsequent good news (see permit approvals, comic book heroes, etc.).

But some out there will reasonably complain that the recession and recovery have been global […]

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I don’t think anyone is doing a better job at using the medium of video to highlight progressive causes than New Left Media.  They’ve been at it for a while and their footage and production just keeps getting better.

We were supposed to get together with Chase Whiteside at the first rally to talk about SB5 but jammed cell networks and the craziness of the day didn’t permit it.  Chase came away with some fantastic footage though and it should be seen by everyone concerned with this battle for worker’s rights. Great job guys!

Please share. 😉

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The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Carl Weiser hosted a chat with Senator Shannon Jones yesterday morning to discuss Senate Bill 5. Jones’ herself wasn’t able to figure out the complicated (sarcasm) interface to CoverItLive, but a large number of angry Ohioans were, and they had some choice questions that Ms. Jones talking points didn’t even come close to answering.

A poll conducted during the chat that shows 92% of people oppose the bill. Judging by the questions asking during the session it looks more like 100%.

I’m not going to cover the whole session here, but I though one of the questions, […]

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