The State’s January unemployment numbers just came out, and it’s all incredibly good news:

Ohio’s unemployment rate was 9.4 percent in January, down from the revised 9.5 percent in December, according to data released this morning by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). Ohio’s nonfarm wage and salary employment increased 31,900 over the month, from the revised 5,034,200 in December to 5,066,100 in January.

The number of unemployed has decreased by 75,000 in the past 12 months from 626,000.  The January unemployment rate for Ohio was down from 10.6 percent in January 2010.

Over the course of the past year, Ohio “somehow” figured out a way to reduce its unemployment by 1.2% and create tens of thousands of new jobs in a month (all in the private sector, the government sector actually dragged the number of net jobs created down due to continued job losses in that sector), even though Ohio:

  • Still had the Ohio Department of Development;
  • Still paid the prevailing wage in public construction contracts;
  • Didn’t have RobsOhio;
  • Still allowed for robust collective bargaining; and
  • Still had an income and estate tax.

Gee, you don’t think these things have been quite the impediment to job growth that Kasich claimed they were, do you?

There’s nothing that John Kasich did in January that his Administration could say had any meaningful contribution to January’s jobs report.  This was nothing more than a continuation of the same economic recovery a lazy political media allowed John Kasich and the RGA to convince Ohioans, largely unchallenged, was not actually occurring last year.  We’ve now seen unemployment in Ohio drop for eleven consecutive months.  You’d have to go back to mid-1986 through 1987 to see something similar occurring in Ohio.

We gained nearly 32,000 jobs in January.  And we didn’t need John Kasich’s radical economic prescription to do it.  All Kasich can do is upset that recovery by creating uncertainty and labor strife.   And he’s been doing that in spades, lately.

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  • Anonymous

    Further evidence the structure is not the problem in Ohio. The problem today comes from an all too familiar story…. those with more greed than sense: Wall St. Kasich and the republicans are doing their best to portray this recession as a reason to restructure the rights of the middle class, and by extension all proletarians. They may win this battle this time, in the end they will lose the war.

  • Dave

    Kind of like what Bill Clinton did to GHWB in 1992, when the recession was clearly over.

    Is it over this time? Maybe. Credit where it’s due. Strickland did not raise taxes from previous levels, and I’m sure that helped. But while Strickland overperformed the general mood against Democrats in 2010, it wasn’t enough to keep him above the GOP wage.

    Personally I don’t trust this data, too easy to fudge. If Sales Tax receipts keep coming in higher, count me as a believer. And there are some signs that that is happening too. I’m mainly worried about inflation at this point, and that is out of the governors hands in either case.

  • Feasant_plucker69

    So, President Clinton should have thanked President Reagan for the improved economy during his terms? I like the logic!

  • Anonymous

    You kind of missed the President between him. And no, saying that the new Governor can’t claim credit for a jobs report concerning his first month in office isn’t the same thing as saying Clinton’s EIGHT YEARS of economic prosperity had nothing to do with Clinton. Seriously, learn critical thinking skills before talking politics.

  • Keep f#cking that chicken

    Familiar pattern, democrats fix the economy, the public rewards them by electing republicans to wreck it again.

  • Adrienne

    Hope so Americangypsy, because we have been losing the battles for ~30 years.

  • Annekarima

    Watch that one, Modern. You know they will just use it to tell you it was Kasich that “saved” Clinton during “those” years.

  • Dave

    Clearly the best political environment for a strong economy is a Democratic president and a Republican congress. Obama 2012, and Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader == Double the national GDP!!

  • Anonymous

    No, in fact, you should be defeating George HW Bush, who was kicked out of office for inheriting the Reagan RECESSION. from which parts of Ohio have yet to recover. And it took Clinton years to somewhat fix the mess, although he made some crucial missteps (NAFTA, anyone?) that set the stage for the next Bush recession.

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  • MiserableOldFart

    GOPers only steal from working people. When they get elected, it’s their license. But hey, working people keep electing the filth, so enjoy!

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