The Senate Committee Schedule for next week has been posted and it looks like nearly all of Kasich’s appointees are scheduled to be confirmed.

On Tuesday they have the directors of DAS, OBM, Workers’ Comp, Mary Taylor for Insurance and the entire Casino Control Commission.

Wednesday they have Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, Department of Developmental Disabilities and Department of Mental Health and the two new members of the Ethics Commission.

Want to take a wild guess who isn’t up for confirmation next week?

Kasich’s appointed Director of the Ohio Department of Development MarK Kvamme.

No surprise there.

As we reported a few weeks back, Kvamme is most likely ineligible to serve since he isn’t qualified to vote in Ohio (he lives in California).

The “Kvamme Problem” has interrupted normal operations at the Department of Development. Third Frontier meetings have been cancelled, controlling boards requests have been altered to remove Kvamme’s name. And any document signed by Kvamme during his time at the DOD is now in question.

You’d think the Senate would be itching to get this situation resolved as soon as possible since it is seriously impacting the ability of the Department of Development to do its job, possibly impacting business development and job creation: the goal on which John Kasich promised to focus like a laser.

Nope. They are just sitting on it. Not addressing the issue at all.

So much for moving at the speed of business.