Boy, can’t you just tell how popular a bill is when NOBODY wants to take credit for its passage?  We’ve now seen multiple instances of Senator Gillmor making essentially the kind of statement as found in this comment about her post-SB 5 letter to constituents:

As you know, the bill was passed out of the Senate this week, with Senate President Tom Niehaus casting the deciding vote.

We’ve been told that she said something similar elsewhere.  She objects to any idea that she was the decisive vote on SB5, but instead calling it Niehaus’ decision under the same plausible deniability of a fire squad—sure, I pulled the trigger, but I don’t think my rifle had the live round.

Okay, let’s give Gillmor the benefit of her argument.  She wasn’t the deciding vote in whether to pass Senate Bill 5, but doesn’t that still make her the deciding vote to let Niehaus be the deciding vote?  And is she surprised at how Niehaus voted after he removed two anti-SB 5 Senators from the committees that could have killed the bill if they stayed on?

Not even twenty-four hours after the vote, and we’ve got Senators on the defensive about their “Yes” votes.

Oh, and there’s one other major problem with Gillmor’s “I wasn’t the decider” defense.  As anyone who watched the vote (and as reflected on pg. 6 of that day’s Senate Journal) knows, immediately after the vote, Senator Grendell demanded a verification of the vote under Senate Rule 65 which states:

Rule 65. (Verification of Vote.) After the roll has been called, any senator may demand a verification of the vote. The Clerk shall read, first the names of those senators voting in the affirmative, then of those voting in the negative, at which time any senator, on account of error or for any other reason, may change his or her vote. (emphasis added.)

Yep, Grendell gave anyone who voted for SB 5 an opportunity change their vote and defeat the bill after everyone was aware of the final roll call vote showed it passing by only one vote.  Senators Gillmor, LaRose, Stewart, and others could have easily changed their votes, thus defeating the bill.  The bill passed on their silence to take the second chance Grendell gave them.

So, yes, Senator Gillmor, you were the deciding vote to permit SB 5 to pass.  If not when you decided, as you yourself argue, to let President Niehaus cast the deciding vote for passage, then at least when you failed to decide to change your vote to change the outcome.

Stop making excuses for what you did, and start owning (and fixing) what you’ve done.

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  • Littleguy

    Thanks for this info. Here is email I just sent her. Her email address is on the senate website:

    Senator Gillmor…I have a question.

    I have read that you have been claiming that Senate President Tom Niehaus cast the deciding vote on SB5. Help me understand that?

    I believe the vote passed 17-16 and you voted yes. Is that not correct? By my math, if you had voted no, the vote would have been 16-17 and it would not have passed. Is that not correct?

    So I have two questions. Did you or did you not vote yes? And how can anyone who voted yes not admit that their vote passed the bill! Please explain that!!!

    What a travesty your vote has bestowed on the hard working teachers and other public officials of this state.

    You have poisoned the waters, and damaged our education system for years and years. Shame on you. Shame on anyone that voted yes for SB5. I feel sorry, for the young teachers whose careers have been ruined, and for the young children who will suffer through an education system that has been devalued and demeaned. I am not a teacher, but if I were one I would have a hard time having any enthusiasm for my job the way this legislature and this governor has treated them.

  • Anonymous

    Senator Karen Gillmor: Decider

    She was actually for the bill, before she was against it.

    But also after she was against it.

    Right now, this woman doesn’t know whether to scratch her watch or wind her butt. She’s a wreck …

  • Greg Soper

    Why in the hell does even it matter who casted the deciding vote? Reagrdless of how she spins this by voting yes, Senator Gillmour believes that invoking parliamentary procedure is the alternative to compromise.

    Senator the only way to make this right is to lead the referendum.

  • This is the kind of vote that keeps an elected person up at night and will haunt them – if they have a conscience. It sounds like she knows exactly what she should have done, if the tweets you posted yesterday (I think it was yesterday) about what she’s since said are accurate.

    Very early on, last year, I made a vote that kept me up at night – and trust me, it was in the scheme of things EXTREMELY inconsequential, and in the morning, I took several steps to redress what had been done and ultimately move forward in a way that reflected what really should have been done in the first place. I learned my lesson and it makes voting one’s conscience so much easier.

    We’re supposed to be the electeds we’d elect, we’d like to have represent us, knowing that if ultimately the voters don’t want that, well – that’s the way it goes. Can you imagine what would happen to a private sector employee if they made all the self-interested decisions that electeds make just to save their jobs? They’d be fired, many times over.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    How many House dems do you think will in be in favor of Sb 5?
    I would hope all will oppose it but one never knows.
    I am getting addresses together and plan to separate out the “R”s from the “D”s
    AND do you think any “R”s will come over to our side?
    How many rules do you think they have to replace people –LOL
    We all know now this isnt a “normal” thing to do –double LOL
    I hope Niehaus is banned from the House floor during the vote !!

  • Betrayed

    Wall Street Johnny Kasich and his minions have been bought and paid for by the corporations. They have no feelings and they have no morals. Hey, Senator Gillmor, just how much is Satan offering for a soul these days?

  • I think it was Skindell who asked for rule 65. But Gilmor is still out of right field. If its a one vote margin, every vote is the deciding vote. Thats political messaging 101.

    “Pursuant to Senate Rule No. 65, Senator Skindell demanded a verification
    of the vote.”

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