We’ve been talking a great deal about SB5 lately and how this union-busting bill impacts Ohio’s middle class workers. But there’s another group of hard-working, dedicated and very deserving Ohioans who is also going to be hurt by Senate Bill 5: Veterans.

Under existing law, veterans who become teachers in Ohio are able to apply up to five years of active military service toward their “years of service” as a teacher, which means their service to our country would be taken into account when calculating their minimum salary.

It may not seem like much, but this could mean the difference between:

$20,000 a year : the current minimum salary for a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree who has 0 years of experience and…

$23,800 a year: the current minimum salary for a teacher with Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of experience.

Like I said, it may not seem like much of a difference – but if you compare it to the Basic Pay for Enlisted Members you’ll find that it’s still a drop from the $26,398 that an enlisted member of the military would get for the same number of years of experience.

And since SB5 completely does away with any kind of minimum salary requirements based on years of experience, if you want to go from defending our country to teaching our children, you might have to start right back at the bottom again.

By the way, in case you were wondering, the US military does have a pay scale based on years of experience. The same type of pay scale Ohio’s teachers currently have – and will lose under SB5.

Here’s the existing law that would be removed:

Sec. 3317.13. (A) As used in this section and section 3317.14 of the Revised Code:

(d) All years of active military service in the armed forces of the United States, as defined in section 3307.75 of the Revised Code, to a maximum of five years. For purposes of this calculation, a partial year of active military service of eight continuous months or more in the armed forces shall be counted as a full year.

So, just to be clear, Ohio’s Republican state Senators just sent a bill over to the House that screws Ohio’s veterans who want to be teachers out of a well-deserved 20% salary increase based on their military service.

Remind me again why SB5 is a good idea?