For the past four years Ohio has placed first in Site Selection managine’s Governor’s Cup. For 2010 we placed second. The award is based on the total number of new projects and expansions that “involve private-sector capital investment in commercial facilities of at least US$1 million, 50 or more new jobs or new construction of at least 20,000 sq. ft.”.

Last year, under Governor Strickland’s leadership, Ohio had 376 projects that met the criteria. (Texas passed us this year with 424).

Quick recap:

Last year, after the worst economic recession since the great depression hit Ohio and the rest of the country with a huge economic slowdown and job losses, Ohio somehow figured out how to create tens of thousands of private sector jobs, continuously cut the unemployment rate and created or expanded more commercial facilities than any other state except Texas.

And we did this, as we’ve pointed out many times before, all while Ohio…

  • Still had the Ohio Department of Development;
  • Still paid the prevailing wage in public construction contracts;
  • Didn’t have RobsOhio;
  • Still allowed for robust collective bargaining; and
  • Still had an income and estate tax.
  • Keep this in mind the next time Kasich tells you Ohio’s unfriendly business environment is causing every small business owner and new college graduate to move to Florida.

    By the way, Florida placed 15th.