From the daily archives: Friday, March 4, 2011

The Senate Committee Schedule for next week has been posted and it looks like nearly all of Kasich’s appointees are scheduled to be confirmed.

On Tuesday they have the directors of DAS, OBM, Workers’ Comp, Mary Taylor for Insurance and the entire Casino Control Commission.

Wednesday they have Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, Department of Developmental Disabilities and Department of Mental Health and the two new members of the Ethics Commission.

Want to take a wild guess who isn’t up for confirmation next week?

Kasich’s appointed Director of the Ohio Department of Development MarK Kvamme.

No surprise […]

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For the past four years Ohio has placed first in Site Selection managine’s Governor’s Cup. For 2010 we placed second. The award is based on the total number of new projects and expansions that “involve private-sector capital investment in commercial facilities of at least US$1 million, 50 or more new jobs or new construction of at least 20,000 sq. ft.”.

Last year, under Governor Strickland’s leadership, Ohio had 376 projects that met the criteria. (Texas passed us this year with 424).

Quick recap:

Last year, after the worst economic recession since the great depression hit Ohio and the rest […]

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Boy, can’t you just tell how popular a bill is when NOBODY wants to take credit for its passage?  We’ve now seen multiple instances of Senator Gillmor making essentially the kind of statement as found in this comment about her post-SB 5 letter to constituents:

As you know, the bill was passed out of the Senate this week, with Senate President Tom Niehaus casting the deciding vote.

We’ve been told that she said something similar elsewhere.  She objects to any idea that she was the decisive vote on SB5, but instead calling it Niehaus’ decision under the same plausible deniability […]

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Just got this press release over e-mail:

As the ranking Democrat on the Insurance, Commerce & Labor Committee, State Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-Canfield) is urging Ohioans to take a closer look at the so-called Senate Bill 5 savings memo released by the Office of Collective Bargaining and the Department of Administrative Services.

“The memo fails to calculate the real-life impact that SB 5 will have on Ohio families,” said Senator Schiavoni. “The memo does not take into account the money that this bill takes away from our public employees. The less money they have to take home, the […]

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When Rasmussen can’t even give a conservative Republican favorable polling, then there’s a real problem.

Rasmussen just released a poll on Wisconsin Governor Walker’s approval rating after roughly two months in office.  It’s downright scary for the guy.  57% of likely voters DISAPPROVE of his jobs performance, with 43% approving. 

But it gets even worse:

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Wisconsin Voters finds that just 34% Strongly Approve of the job he is doing, while 48% Strongly Disapprove.

That means most of his disapproval is a strong disapproval that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

Rasmussen […]

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The State’s January unemployment numbers just came out, and it’s all incredibly good news:

Ohio’s unemployment rate was 9.4 percent in January, down from the revised 9.5 percent in December, according to data released this morning by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). Ohio’s nonfarm wage and salary employment increased 31,900 over the month, from the revised 5,034,200 in December to 5,066,100 in January.

The number of unemployed has decreased by 75,000 in the past 12 months from 626,000.  The January unemployment rate for Ohio was down from 10.6 percent in January 2010.


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Tonight Senator Gillmor (R-Tiffin) held a town hall meeting in one of the school districts in her district. A music educator from central Ohio, who asked to remain anonymous, live blogged the event on their Twitter account last night.

[NOTE:  We are relying on information provided third-hand and have not had an opportunity to independently verify the alleged attendee’s reporting.  That being said, we were aware of such a meeting in her district yesterday scheduled for tonight.]

I believe that his reporting is credible based on it references things we have been told off the record from multiple Senate […]

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We’ve been talking a great deal about SB5 lately and how this union-busting bill impacts Ohio’s middle class workers. But there’s another group of hard-working, dedicated and very deserving Ohioans who is also going to be hurt by Senate Bill 5: Veterans.

Under existing law, veterans who become teachers in Ohio are able to apply up to five years of active military service toward their “years of service” as a teacher, which means their service to our country would be taken into account when calculating their minimum salary.

It may not seem like much, but this could mean the […]

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