Here’s Congressman Tim Ryan and the head of the Ohio F.O.P. on the “Ed Show” on today’s SB 5 vote:

Senator LaRose is getting an earful on his campaign’s Facebook page with a belated rally from his Tea Party supporters.

LaRose actually voted to recommit the bill back to the committee… but then voted for the bill. 

And something unusual happened today that nobody noticed.  Typically when a major piece of “popular” legislation passes, there’s a Motion to Amend the Title… which is a parliamentary procedure in which legislators can actually add their names as co-sponsors of the bill, so they can officially claim the legislation as their own, after they had just passed the legislation.

For example, after passing H.B. 89, the Senate added over twenty of their thirty-three members as co-sponsors to the bill right before considering SB 5.  When S.B. 5 passed the Senate, the Senate Journal shows that when the usual question “Shall the title be agreed to?” was asked of S.B. 5 nobody, nobody, not one Senator, asked to amend the title of S.B. 5 to add their name.  Not one Senator wants their name on the bill with Shannon Jones.  SB 5 goes to the House with only Senator Jones’ name attached to it.  Nobody else.

That’s how popular this bill is with Senate Republicans.  Three weeks ago, Niehaus called SB 5 their top legislative priority before the State budget.  And despite all the underhanded and corrupt (but legal) tactics to get the bill passed, not one of the sixteen other Republican Senators want to go on record as taking ownership of this bill with Shannon Jones.

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