Here’s a statement on the Portage County Tea Party website:


Kent, Ohio -  The Portage County TEA Party announced today that it condemns the move by Ohio Senate Republicans to replace Republican Senator Seitz with Republican Senator Hite to get Senate Bill 5 out of committee. After his replacement they then passed the bill out of committee by a 7-5 vote.  Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party said “Speaking as the leader of the Portage County TEA Party, I want to say that we condemn this type of political maneuvering, just as we condemned the same type of political maneuvering that the Democrats used last year to pass the Health Care bill.  If they can not pass a bill based on it’s merits, by getting even their own members to vote for it, then their is something wrong with the bill in the first place.  Senator Seitz accused Senate leadership of doing exactly what the Democrats have been doing, which is passing bills before people have the chance to read them and understand them. For that he was removed from the committee. This is just plain wrong and the Portage County TEA Party condemns this type of behavior by our elected officials on both side of the isle and at all levels of government.” 

Zawistowski went on to say, “In our opinion, the Republican Senate leadership has mismanaged this process from the beginning. While we support the fact that changes had to be made in the relationship between the tax payers and government workers, we also believe that the entire process needed to be more transparent and more inclusive from the beginning.  .  .”

What’s really, really, really  interesting about this press release is that Zawistowski isn’t just any Tea Party activist.  He is known in the local media as a major supporter of Governor Kasich.  Shortly before the election, John Kasich and Mary Taylor made an unannounced appearance at Zawistowski’s Tea Party organization.

Not only that, but remember the first Statehouse pro-SB 5 protest organized by the Tea Party?  You know, the one Matt Mayer at the conservative “think tank” Buckeye Institute was promoting would demonstrate that the Tea Party is an equal counterweight to the pro-labor protestors against SB 5?  The one the Tea Party organizer suggested would bring in 8,000 people who would “surround the Statehouse, but instead turned out this crowd instead?


(Image Source: Dave Harding @ ProgressOhio)

You know who organized all that statewide busing of Tea Party activists for that failed protest, but yesterday’s even smaller Tea Party protest in favor of SB 5?

Yep, Tom Zawistowski did all that.  The guy who has been behind every pro-SB 5 Tea Party event including yesterday’s parade of FAIL.

And yet, even Tom Zawistowski can’t hide his utter contempt at the shameless procedural tactics to keep SB 5 on parliamentary life support long enough to get it passed through the Senate yesterday.

What does that tell you?

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