Senator Karen GillmorWe’ve received a number of tips from Senate insiders and direct Senate sources indicating how the Senate GOP leadership was able to flip Senator Karen Gilmor (R-Tiffin)from a possible “No” vote on SB 5 into a “Yes.”

Senator Gilmor has served in Senate the from 1993 until 1997 and then again since 2009.  She is up for re-election next year.  Despite her years of experience in the State Senate, Gilmor had the distinction of being the only member of the Senate Republican caucus who was neither a Chair or Vice-Chair of a Senate committee.  She also served on the State Employee Relations Board (SERB) between her two Senate terms.  That’s what makes her “Yes” vote all the more outrageous.

The rumor in the Statehouse is that the Republican Senate leadership got Gilmor’s vote after committing to make her a chair of a legislative committee, perhaps even the very committee hearing SB 5 today—the Senate Insurance, Labor & Commerce Committee.  I will say that I’m skeptical that the GOP leadership will remove the gavel from Chairman Bacon’s hand after he carried their water on SB 5 and got the bill on a path towards passage again.  However, the Vice-Chair of the committee is Senate President Pro Tempore Keith Faber (R-Celina).  He is also the Vice-Chair of the Senate Rules Committee.

So, I would think it would actually be pretty painless for Faber to give up his Vice-Chairman spot on the Insurance Committee and give it to Gilmor rather than strip Bacon of his gavel after he helped get SB 5 passed.  That’s a lot easier than the game of musical chairs that would have to be placed in order to make sure Chairman Bacon doesn’t become the only member of GOP caucus to have a share of a committee gavel.

I know that the Chairs of the legislative committees get additional pay over the rest of their legislative colleagues.  We’re still looking into whether Vice-Chairs get any financial bump as well.

Regardless, if these rumors are true, it looks like Gilmor’s conversion on SB 5 have nothing to do with merits but her only pride and maybe her pocketbook.

First, we see indications that the Republicans are considering, and may have to, actual change the membership of the Senate ILC Committee at the last possible minute to ensure SB 5 passes.  Now, we see horse trading within the GOP to sell out the middle class of Ohio.  Welcome to the Republican controlled Ohio Senate!

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  • Lindalou50

    Oh those fickle Republicans !!! That’s how they got Jimmy Stewart….. I guess all these little known Repubs are hungry to reach the top in the Party. It’s going to be a big fall for them come election time. Better get your resumes ready. Maybe you can get a ” Special Assisstant ” job working for a Repub. I hear you can ride their coat tails to the Governor’s office. After all, that’s how Jai Chabria got there !!!!

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  • No glass ceiling,eh? The gals respond to perks just like the guys. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Never underestimate the shamelessness of a careerist. Ambition trumps everything: intelligence, integrity, morals. Wasn’t Gilmor just a “hell no” on the SB5 scorecard? I may be wrong.

    But my, how easily she was purchased. I was waiting for the article to say she got some huge earmark for her district, some bridge-to-nowhere project. At least that would have benefited her constituents. But no, she traded her soul for a chairmanship.

    Why don’t we start a scorecard of sellouts, so we can remember whom to kick out at the ballot box?

  • The underlying narrative here too though is that GOP female state senators are an almost extinct species, and they have NO interest in protecting it, promoting or acknowledging it except when it gets the menz what they need.

  • guest

    It is unfortunate that Manning was just elected. Shame on her and a teacher as well. What did she sell out for or does she like being part of the he-man woman hater’s club? What is she going to say to her district or are they not going to get shafted like everyone else?


    As a lifelong Republican, I am ashamed of this bill, the actions of the Senators and this Governor that I voted for. I apologize to all hard working Ohioans that this may effect. I also vow to help get this thing to the voters in November if and when this bill is signed. It appears with enough signatures we can stop this thing.

    Thank you fellow Republicans for making me second guess if you truly represent me and my values. This will be the last time I take any Republicans (or any politicians) word. And why is Kaisch out fundraising? Isn’t tha campaign over? Morons.

  • Jebbina

    What is especially hard for me to believe is that she would actually trust these guys to follow through on promises.

    Maybe she got it in writing, like Jimmy Stewart’s pledge to the Teamsters.

  • Jebbina

    What is especially hard for me to believe is that she would actually trust these guys to follow through on promises.

    Maybe she got it in writing, like Jimmy Stewart’s pledge to the Teamsters.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, that was the only other one, and I admit I missed him. But even freshmen members like LaRose and Beagle have Vice-Chair slots.

  • Anonymous

    She voted yes. Then she started loudly proclaiming that she regretted doing so, and was sorry she had done it, and wished she could take it all back. Then it came up for a vote again, and she voted yes again anyway.

    She shamelessly sold out her constituents for the possibility of personal gain.
    Sadly, I’m not sure what about this I’m not expected to believe.

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