By a vote of 17-16, today the State Senate passed Senate Bill 5 after roughly three hours of contentious debate.  The Republican Caucus makes up 23 of the 33 seats in the State Senate.  Despite that, the bill passed by a one-vote margins after Republican Senators Manning, Seitz, Grendel, Patton, Hughes, and Oelslager.

LaRose, Stewart, Beagle, Gilmor, and Daniels voted in FAVOR.

Seriously, if you had asked me three weeks ago and said this bill would have passed by only one vote, I would have laughed.  If you had told me House Majority Floor Leader Jimmy Stewart would vote FOR it, I would have tried to have you committed.  It took the Republican majority to ram through an 100 page amendment through two committees they had to game in order to get the result they wanted to get the bill to a floor vote that they nearly lost.

Shortly before the vote, the Senate Democrats moved to recommit the bill back to committee, which is a parliamentary procedure to “kill the bill.”  The Republican majority was only able to defeat that motion by one vote… again, despite the fact that they have thirteen more members in the Senate than the Democrats do.

For the most part, we got our final scorecard right.  The only error in our prediction was that Manning ultimately voted against the bill.

Some conservatives are hoping that the more conservative House will make the bill even harsher, perhaps evaporating some of the water they think the bill took on during the Senate process.  The only problem is that any changes the House makes could trigger a conference committee if the Senate doesn’t approve the House’s amendments.  With not a single vote in the Senate to spare, Speaker Batchelder will have to proceed cautiously as today will not be the last vote in the Senate for SB 5 who will either have to approve all changes made by the House or will have to approve whatever bill emerges from a conference committee between the two chambers.

Reaction from Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga:

Today is a sad day for Ohio’s middle class.  With the passage of Senate Bill 5, Ohio Senators have shown they would rather push a partisan agenda to punish the middle class than work on solutions to our jobs crisis.

The amended version of the original bill is only smoke and mirrors.  This bill remains an assault on the middle class because the foundation of this bill is still rooted in a broader anti-worker agenda.  You can’t fix something that was already broken from the start.

From the start, this bill has been a one-sided affair.  Workers and community members were not consulted at any time during the process.  Political games were played with the hearing process which silenced the voice of hundreds of opponents of the bill.  Middle class Ohioans were locked out, literally, from having their voices heard.

Ohio Senators were elected to create jobs but those who have supported this wrongheaded bill have shown that they are more concerned with political payback than revitalizing our struggling economy.

My hats off to organized labor and the Senate Democratic caucus and its leadership.  We turn our attention now to the House and then, if necessary, ont\o the referendum petition!

Kill the bill!

Here’s the livestream of what’s going on in the Atrium right now:

Streaming live video by Ustream

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve read the bill. And the Omnibus Amendments…. You normally have to actually wait a second before declaring the sound of crickets, btw.

  • Anonymous

    And you can come back when you’re using a computer that has an IP address that shows it’s actually in the United States…

  • Anonymous

    The WORKERS in the United States are getting paid from my money. You Libs hate big corporate people, so you should like that it is not going to the GM, Chrysler & Ford executives.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I can hear the violins now…. The losers in Wisconsin are bussed in union types that are holding pre-printed commie signs.

  • Anonymous

    The facts are easy. A local Detroit TV station showed video of the union losers smoking drugs and drinking while on break. Pay attention… It was at Chrylser if you want to see facts.

  • Rsmith

    Via a friend: Salary of House/Senate…$174,000.
    Salary of Speaker of House…$223,500.
    Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders…$193,400.
    Average US Salary…$33,000 to $77,000.
    Maybe our elected officials should make an average salary too…It’s a time of sacrifice after all…Pass this along, post on your own page if you agree

  • Irishtiger17

    Alot of flip-flopping here. Boccieri was condemned for it but the puppet republiCANTs get back pats. Total contradiction. But the NO party is also the fright wing party and makes people think they are the CHRISTIAN party when they are far removed from morality and respect for their fellow hard working Americans. Terribly represented party. HOW could even an uneducated moron vote for these slimeballs?

  • Nflstarr

    There would be no point in leaving the numer of Republicans so outweigh that of the Democrats in both the Ohio Senate and House.
    Personally I am very proud of the Wisconsin 14. They are truly heores.

    Tom Brokaw is concerned that students from other countries come here to the US to get their college education and then go back home to start businesses which create jobs. He would like to keep these people here so that the US could take advantage of these newly created jobs. I totally agree. I can’t help but think about how much these people from other countries pay for their college educations as compared to US citizens. Most attend for free. I would go to another country too for my college education if that country was going to pay for it. Certainly would be nice if our citizens here in the US could get their educations for free. Just a thought: Who are we going to get to teach in this country with the way teachers are being treated? You’d have to be desperate or demented to pay for an education to work in that field. Even now 33% of new teachers leave the field within 3 years. So maybe Mexicans and Indians (middle eastern for those who might be thinking “Cowboys and Indians”) will do this job too since no one else will want to and their educations are free. Sound good?

  • Nflstarr

    If the shoe fits!
    I’m thinking the GOP needs to change it’s name to the LEEC (Let “EM Eat Cake”) Regime! Now we all know what happened to Louie and Marie, or don’t we?

  • Nflstarr

    Where can one find information as to which senators voted for and against this so we can all have the opportunity to vote these “human beings” out ASAP?

  • Nflstarr

    Salaries for most government jobs, by in large, are greatly inflated. My niece started working as an engineer at WPAFB just last year with simply a BS degree, nothing beyond her 4 years in college. Her starting salary was $64,000/year. This would never be the case in the private sector. If the folks in the private sector want to look at inequality of compensation maybe they need to start there.

  • Nflstarr

    Here is a breakdown of how each senator voted:
    – YEA: Bacon, Beagle, Cates, Daniels, Faber, Gillmor, Hite, Jones, Jordan, LaRose, Lehner, Obhof, Schaffer, Stewart, Wagoner, Widener, Niehaus

    – NAY: Brown, Cafaro, Grendell, Hughes, Kearney, Manning, Oelslager, Patton, Sawyer, Schiavoni, Seitz, Skindell, Smith, Tavares, Turner, Wilson

  • Rsmith

    The son of a friend, just graduated last year with an engineering degree. With just his 4 yr. degree he was hired by Marathon Oil at $65,000, plus a company car and expense account! That was more than his father makes after 28 years as a teacher with a master’s degree…

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Why is it when you cant think of an answer you have to call names such as commie
    calling names isnt helping your case — sure doesnt make you look smart.
    By the way its America, people can travel wherever they would like to go and for whatever reason–
    For the record I wish the dems here had went with the folks in Wis.
    So go ahead and call me all the names you wish -doesnt bother me one bit
    I know what I stand for and who I stand with — I stand for freedoms and I stand with every hard working American their is!!
    Next thing you know folks he will manage to blame you when that car of his quits .
    I like violins myself.

  • Anonymous

    They are commie signs. The signs with the fist are all pre-printed by the unions and are taken directly from Communist organizations, which are part of your movement. Freedom is NOT bowing to the union leaders, who make millions of their union minions.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    Actually the clenched fist means power to the people and is a solidarity symbol
    Was believed to be first used in a mining strike back in the 1900’s .
    You can spout your opinions all you want — all you are doing is binding us closer together in our solidarity beliefs.
    I will not BOW to the republican party( those are the folks with millions ) and they are doing everything they can to make sure they are the only party.
    I dont recall anyone in here asking you to bow to anything.( unions or otherwise )
    Freedom:ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions.

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