From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 2, 2011

According to the memo being circulated by the Ohio Senate Republicans yesterday, binding arbitration is eliminated and essentially left with this process:

Both sides submit their last, best offer to the “legislative body” for that governmental unit.  These offers are made publicly available for the legislative body takes action. The legislative body must then choose which offer to accept: the government’s or the union’s.  They cannot alter or split the difference.  They must accept entirely one party’s offer or accept the other. Whatever option they choose is part of the binding collective bargaining agreement for three years.

Seriously, there are […]

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Gotta hand it to Ed. Most shows just grab stuff and never mention where they found it or how they found out about it. While it is just embeddable YouTube stuff, it’s good form to hat tip sources that supply you with good material to run your TV show, your blog, or your Facebook page. Thanks Ed for the mention!

The hat tip:

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