And let’s remember it’s the Teamsters who get to decide the answer to this question, not Stewart.   The Teamsters.

If someone from Stewart’s office is reading this post, they should also know that we received this document multiple times from different individuals… unsolicited.

Just sayin’, Jimmy…  good luck with your re-election campaign next year.

Stewart Teamsters Pledge

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  • Lindalou50

    Yep… that’s little Jimmy Stewart. He’s like a fart in a wind storm !!!

  • guest

    Don’t worry, he’ll get a cush job working for Lehman Brothers, oops I mean Goldman Sachs, in addition to working for Fixed news.

  • Seovoter

    A true carpet bagger. He came to Ohio from the West Virginia, where he was a DEMOCRAT! He saw the way the political winds blow in Southeastern Ohio, changed his politics, and the rest is history. Sad, tragic history.

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