First, we’ve put several more photos on our Twitter account.  We’ll also eventually today put them all into an album on our Facebook.  Here’s a picture we took from a local business showing they, too, oppose SB 5.

image Throughout the Statehouse, there was a ridiculous amount of uniformed Highway Patrol and signs throughout the Statehouse declaring the occupancy limits of every room in the Statehouse.

DSC05117 image

(Don’t tell the State Fire Marshall, but I stood while taking this picture.)

In the bottom stairwell between the Rotunda and Senate Atrium, there were ten uniformed Highway Patrol Officers.  At the bottom of one stairwell alone.  There was another ten just in the map room outside the Statehouse gift shop.  You have to pass through a squadron of Patrol whereever you enter.

I cannot imagine how much the outrage John Kasich’s SB 5 bill is costing the State.  And the ironic thing is, most of these guys are the folks that SB 5 would take away their rights.

More video and other goodness later.

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