Channel 4 in Columbus:

A fetus has been scheduled as a legislative witness in Ohio on a unique bill that proposes outlawing abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected.

Lynn R. Wachtmann

An aide to committee Chairman Lynn Wachtmann said a pregnant woman will be brought before the committee and an ultrasound image of her uterus will be projected onto a screen. The heartbeat of the fetus will be visible in color.

Well, at least the Republicans aren’t taking a serious issue like abortion and turning it into a sideshow carnival act of political grandstanding.  Incidentially,

We won’t hold any hearings on whether Governor Kasich’s appointment for Development Director is unconstitutional (today, the Controlling Board approved funds for the Ohio Department of Development after they amended the request to remove Director Kvamme’s signature.)

I thought the pathetic attempts by congressional Republicans to ship Terri Schiavo while on life-support to “testify” to Congress was political grandstanding at their worse.  This is close to it.

Here’s what Wachtmann can’t provide: testimony from a doctor that the fetus whose heartbeat Wachtmann is exploiting is viable outside of the womb, or a constitutional law scholar that will say Wachtmann’s bill is constitutional.

Even the Ohio Right to Life refuses to support the bill because they know it is a colossal waste of time because it is patently unconstitutional.  I’m just curious: Will Wachtmann subpoena the fetuses of those who are going to be effective by Speaker Batchelder’s planned cuts in Medicaid cuts for pregnant women?

How about instead of spending legislative energies to pass an unconstitutional ban on abortion?  Wachtmann focuses on helping needy mothers to get the prenatal care they need?

How about telling Speaker Boehner to lay off cutting off federal funding for Planned Parenthood which provides prenatal care for needy women who may have no other access to such necessary care?

Those are things Chairman Wachtmann could have his committee do that would actually save the lives of unborn fetuses.  Instead, he’ll continue to use the committee for useless political grandstanding in order to appease anti-abortion extremists who won’t take Roe for an answer.

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  • tshaw1

    It’s wonderful that king john and his troupe of clowns have obtained high paying jobs for all those in Ohio who want them… That we no longer have any budget issues, that our infrastructure is in tip top shape, schools are doing well and crime is at a all time low… No wonder they have time for debate social issues like this.. I understand a bunch of happy folks are going to stop by downtown tomorrow to let john know how thrilled they are with how well he’s done.

  • At first I thought she was going to have the ultrasound in front of them, and I was wondering … because at 9 weeks it isn’t exactly a jelly-on-the-stomach type of ultrasound.
    Also, I wonder how old the ultrasound is. Are they bringing someone who is 5 months pregnant with a belly in to show the 2 month old ultrasound? Because that is a little misleading. It would make more sense to have someone who is only 9 weeks pregnant – and has no visible outward signs of pregnancy.

  • Lindalou50

    Are they going to explain how this fetus came into being ??? Was it conceived out of love or rape ??? When those fellas up there in the Statehouse can give birth than they can decide this issue.

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