Final SB 5 Scorecard

Based on our latest information, it appears that today’s Omnibus Amendment (and whatever behind-the-scenes horsetrading has gone on) the Republican-controlled State Senate will pass SB by roughly an 18-15 vote.  That’s in a chamber where the Republicans control by 23-10.  Flip two more Republican votes, and the bill would have been defeated.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has already reported Seitz as a definite “No” vote.  It claims that LaRose and Manning are still undecided, but we’ve been told otherwise.

We’ve been told that Gilmor has flipped from a likely no to a yes, and Stewart is off the fence, too.  We have it on good authority that Senator LaRose has informed his caucus that he will support SB 5 after the Senate Committee passes the Omnibus Amendment introduced today that will be voted on tomorrow morning.

This is after LaRose went to extraordinary lengths to suggest he was a no vote, leading us to change his rating on our scorecard.  Reviewing his campaign Facebook page, though, and you’ll see LaRose has been noncommittal.  We’d welcome LaRose to correct this impression, but we’re assured that LaRose is going to vote yes tomorrow.

Senator Manning today reportedly joined the company of fellow freshman Senator Beagle (R-Dayton) as announcing that she already has no intention to run for re-election in 2014.  That makes two GOP freshman in the Senate who have declared not run again after only one month in office essentially.

Some of you may have remembered that I said weeks ago:

However, three of the Republicans on the Committee are Senators Bill Seitz, Bill Beagle, and Jim Hughes.

These just happen to be three of the seven Senators the Dispatch identified as saying that SB 5, as it currently stands, goes too far and they are on the fence over supporting.

But with Seitz and Hughes as no votes, doesn’t that mean that SB 5 fails in committee on a 6-6- tie vote?

Well, it would mean that, if tomorrow Seitz and Hughes were actually allowed to vote in the committee.  Gang, meet Senate Rule 20, which states:

“The President may be substituted as a voting member of any committee and the committee records shall reflect such fact and the committee member for whom the President has been substituted.”

That means without any prior notice, Senate President Tom Niehaus may replace himself with any committee member he chooses at any time he feels like it.  Well, he feels like it tomorrow.  In order to avoid defeat of SB 5 with a tied vote in committee, Senate sources have confirmed that Niehaus will invoke Senate Rule 20 to remove, likely, Seitz from the committee tomorrow.

So SB 5 passes the Senate Insurance, Labor and Commerce Committee by one vote and then will pass the full Senate tomorrow afternoon by a projected 18-15 vote.

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  • stu

    What the hell is the purpose of Senate Rule 20? Please give me a scenario where it actually serves a legitimate purpose.

  • Anonymous

    It allows the Senate majority to maintain partisan outcomes. In fairness, I should point out that Senate Minority Leader Cafaro has the same ability.

  • NOSB5

    What can be do after this in order to get rid of SB 5? Can we do anything to have the public vote on it at some point? Can we amend the state constitution for a recall election? How long would that take? How can we help our own cause?

  • Ken

    How can it get placed on the November ballot

  • Kenrico

    Frank Larose’s mother is a substitute teacher & his aunt is the school secretary in the Fairlawn-Copely school district.

    Shame on you, Frank !

  • Columbusite

    This will galvanize the Dems and labor big time.
    The referendum process begins soon.

  • Anonymous

    We have to submit a petition signed by 6% of the State’s electors calling for a repeal o the bill to the Ohio Secretary of State within 90 days after Kasich signs the bill. That acts as an automatic stay of the bill until the referendum can be held.

  • Lindalou50

    I’ll start the petition here in Athens County.

  • Annekarima

    Are the ones who say they are not going to run next time Tea Party activists? I do not keep up with the Tea Party.

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  • Greg Soper


    When was the last time Senate Rule 20 was invoked? The idea they had to invoke this rule despite an 8-4 edge on the committee is mind boggling. This indicates there will be a Civil War amongst Republicans much like the Democrats in Congress had.

    I would tend to think that a referendum would be better in 11 then 12. With a presidential election, you will bring out supporters of SB5.

    Hey Rsmith- Manning is also collecting her STRS pension. She will collect this pension while voting to make sure teachers pay more in so she can continue her benefits.

  • Paul

    Got a Cuyahoga signature right here.

  • Djmal24

    Please stop reporting that LaRose and Manning are definite “yes” votes. Everyone needs to keep up the pressure on these two all the way up until the vote. Call their offices, fax letters, anything.

  • Anonymous

    By all means keep calling them, but I’m not going to hide what they’ve indicated in the Whip Count they’re planning to do. I’ll have more on LaRose later if he actually does vote for SB 5.

  • Recall expert

    you can’t recall state officials in ohio, only local

  • Recall expert

    you can’t recall state officials in ohio, only local

  • Anonymous

    Manning actually voted AGAINST the bill. We were off on that one.

  • Anonymous

    Manning wound up voting against the bill.

  • Anonymous

    Manning wound up voting against the bill.

  • Anonymous

    Manning voted AGAINST SB 5.

  • Rsmith

    I owe Senator Manning an apology. She came through and voted against SB 5. I guess all the phone calls did make a difference!

  • Rsmith

    I owe Senator Manning an apology. She came through and voted against SB 5. I guess all the phone calls did make a difference!

  • Blaird

    Even though the vote passed 17-16, it was even closer than expected. We need to apply pressure to this house committee to vote no! Please call your local Congressman or Congresswoman and urge them to vote no!

  • Rsmith

    On that note, you really should update this poster…in fairness to Senator Manning who did not vote yes on this bill. It’s only right. She should not be lumped in with those who betrayed the working class.

  • Chum1

    Thank you Senator Manning for voting against SB5

  • Chum1

    Thank you Senator Manning for voting against SB5

  • If you guys who are (unjustly) attacking Manning (b/c of misinformation) want to recall someone, recall Shannon Jones! She’s the one who introduced the bill! And recall Kasich!

  • Boblinfoto

    Senate rule 20 should be banned because it allows the Senate president to do whatever he wants regardless of what the constituents of Ohio want him to do.

  • Stoptheinsanity

    Not only did Mrs. Jones submit the bill, but as her colleagues were voicing their outrage against this bill, she was sitting there rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She made it blatantly obvious to those of us who were present that she was annoyed that her bill was being questioned by anyone least of all such simpleminded twits as teachers and firefighters. Had I not been there and witnessed this I wouldn’t have believed it. The Republican party is becoming a party of aristocrats without the lineage to support it. The party has severed any ties it may have had to the working class and reality.

  • This bill affect both union and non union State and local government and educational workers, it affects retirees of all the State pensions, this is just the start folks, we need everyone on board. Union and non union and all retirees. Anyone who does not believe this, please read The Grand Bargain is Dead and you will see that the legislators are following this report.

  • Britney

    In the end the Republicans cheated and fixed the vote to pass SB 5 by one. They removed Seitz and replaced him with another member. This is typical dirty conservative manipulation. They have no respect for people of Ohio or this country. It is all about greed and profit disguised as something else. People who are uneducated buy this. The Tea people are mindlessly manipulated and eternally waiting on that elusive “trickle down” of money that they will never see. Same old Republican politics that ruined the economy now put to work as the solution to fix things. Like pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out. Those who voted “yes” will be gone very soon and the voices of people who know that unions have and will protect them will get louder. Certainly there people in Ohio have some spine to match those in Wisconsin. They are true Americans and patriots there. Not like these fraudulent Tea people who aren’t even close to real patriotism or religion.

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