Modern has been all over the story about Marc Kvamme’s failure to meet the constitutional qualifications to serve in his current cabinet post (i.e. resident of Ohio) as Director of Development and the lack of a response from Attorney General Mike DeWine on the issue.

Here’s a quick update:

I just finished talking to someone who confirmed that the Controlling Board has started to remove Kvamme’s name from spending requests going through the board because they aren’t sure he is legally qualified to serve in his position and to sign the documents. Gongwer appears to verify this information.

If you’ve been following Modern’s coverage then none of this should come as a surprise to you.

But I’m also hearing that the advice to make these changes came from AG Mike DeWine’s office. Which is kind of surprising.

So the controlling board doesn’t think Kvamme is qualified to serve. And the Attorney General doesn’t think he’s qualified to serve. Does anyone think he is?

It’s starting to look like the answer, as we’ve been saying all along, is absolutely not.