You may remember in our interview last week with Congressman Ryan, I asked when we’d see another “fiery Tim Ryan floor speech”.  Well.  My man has answered the call:

Love me some Tim Ryan!

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  • Mom2two

    Thank you, Tim Ryan, for standing up for the people of OH while Kasich and his cronies piss all over us and tell us it’s the unions fault.

  • Anonymous

    Rep. Ryan shows his chops. That gentleman is Cabinet level material. Get him on the national airwaves more, he could blossom into strong V.P. material.

  • irishgal

    Tim Ryan is my new hero – he clearly articulated exactly what is happening in our state and in our country. John Kasich does not have one ounce of the leadership or the character that this man has.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Aceh1!

  • Guntherfd

    At least he had the balls to get up there and stand for what is right. I didnt know that Police, Fire, and teachers have become the turds of society. Wake up America. Everybody has rights but nobody has responsibilities to do what is right anymore.

  • harrisonesq

    Just saw a piece of this clip on The Ed Show w/ hat tip to Plunderbund. Great job on getting this out there!

  • bolwo@Ross

    God bless the man! Somebody really gets it. It’s not the teacher, police, firefighters, social workers, nurses and librarians that ran the state into the ground. Finally a MAN who’s not afraid to say the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

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