(I’m never going to have dinner with my family at this rate.)

Today, CBS News/New York Times poll confirms, essentially to the number, the results of last week’s Gallup/USA Today poll on the question of collective bargaining for public employees: they don’t care for the unions much, but they HATE the idea of a policy like SB 5 being passed in their State.

By virtually the same margins, adults in today’s NYT/CBS News poll showed that Americans OPPOSE by 60% to 33% any proposal to take away any of the collective bargaining rights of public employees.  Furthermore, there’s a twenty-point gap between those who strongly oppose such a proposal versus those who strongly support it.  This is identical to the 61%-33% percent split found in Gallup last week.

Voters are essentially split 45% to 41% as to whether such proposals are to balance the budget versus just punish the unions for supporting Republicans’ political opponents.

Additionally, the Times reports that such a proposal gets its strongest support only with voters who make over $100k a year.  Independents oppose such a proposal at 62%; Democrats at 73%; and just a bare majority of Republicans in favor.

This is not just a union issue.  This is a middle class issue.  The people are speaking, but are their elected representatives in Columbus listening?

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