On February 9th, we wrote that Gov. Kasich was going to name former Speaker Jo Ann Davidson Chair of the Ohio Casino Commission, name former AG Betty Montgomery to the Commission, and name former AG Jim Petro to be Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents.

I don’t know what happened with the Montgomery appointment, because I believed we had solid sourcing on it, and the same sources confirmed Montgomery.

Anyways, today, John Kasich announced that he was, in fact, appointing Jim Petro to be Chancellor of the Board of Regents.

I guess Meatloaf was right.  Two out of three ain’t bad.

  • Suzy

    Betty was at an anti-sb5 rally recently in portage county…

  • Anonymous

    That might have something to do with her not getting an anticipated appointment, huh?

  • Anonymous

    He’s doing it wrong.

  • Drew

    She’s also far too moderate for any Republican. Perhaps she’s having a change of heart?

  • Cmdrjan

    Friends of mine who know her well tell me that Betty suffers much more from Guillaume Barre (sp?) syndrome than has been reported. I think she declined any offer for that reason.

    That said, I will long regret voting for Marc Dann in 2006 for AG instead of Betty Montgomery. That was the only time I’ve ever voted a straight party ticket, and I had to hold my nose to do it.

    On the bright side, we got Cordray as AG within 18 monts, so all was not lost. 😉

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