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Senate Bill 5 isn’t about creating jobs in Ohio.

Want proof?  Here’s Governor Kasich in Newsweek:

The most that Kasich would say was that “timing may be an issue” and that unemployment may remain high through the next election. “We have a long way to run,” Kasich confessed. “If the jobs come in ’13, then God bless them.” (emphasis added.)

In other words, give Kasich every policy he wants, and he still believes that it’ll take divine intervention for Ohio to gain jobs before he’s up for re-election in 2014.

SB 5, in Kasich’s own words, isn’t going to revive our economy.  In fact, nothing Kasich is pushing will help Ohio’s economy.  It’s in his own words.  This is the same John Kasich would promised Ohioans that his election meant Ohio “took a step forward tonight to putting Ohioans back to work."

Now, after spending millions convincing Ohioans that their economic future hinged on his election?

“If the jobs come in ’13, then God bless them.”

Kasich LiedThe rest of the article is a must-read in nervousness in the Ohio GOP that Senate Bill 5 may constitute a major overreach by Kasich.  The crazy thing is the GOP is rushing to get the bill passed just in time to tackle a budget they everyone agrees will manage to be even more unpopular that will feature in Kasich’s State of the State address next Tuesday.

“We need to be careful that we do not turn this into an overreaching effort that jeopardizes our chances,” [Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati] tells Newsweek. “We have a history in Ohio, when the legislature overreaches and the public snaps back, you end up losing everything. I would prefer a more consultative process.”

Legend has it that “Custer charged into the Battle of Little Big Horn without waiting for support because he thought a smashing victory over the Indians would garner him a nomination for president,” Seitz says. “It didn’t work out so good.”

They may have the votes to pass SB 5 in the coming weeks.  We’ll have the votes to beat them in November 2012.

Abortion, collective bargaining, and the pawning of the State’s assets.  John Kasich may do more in one term to causing lasting damage to the Ohio Republican Party than Bob Taft, Bob Ney, and Tom Noe combined.

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  • Jen

    At this point, I expect to see him steal candy from a baby, kick a cat, or push an elderly person on the street. He is Ohio’s very own Simon Bar Sinister.

  • lw0624

    Wasn’t a huge part of his campaign that Strickland didn’t bring us jobs so we had to get rid of him… and put in Kasich, who would magically bring jobs for all immediately? Did he not talk often about how he would be able to reduce Ohio’s unemployment numbers pretty much from the word go? Granted, I never believed a word of it (and always wondered if he’d start his “increase count” from before or after all of the state layoffs…). But wow, the nerve, the ego, the narcissism….

  • Annekarima

    The ban on oil drilling has been lifted offshore for a Houston, TX company. The equipment is heating up. That means jobs, people, jobs. So Ohioans, do what we did before. Go, South, people, go South.

  • Rob

    Don’t worry Johnny, I hope we kick you out of Ohio way before 2013…

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