John Kasich was on Bill Cunningham’s radio show last night talking about SB5 and, while I hate to admit it, Cunningham came off sounding very rational and well informed on the issue. His questions were the ones that needed to be asked by Fox and CNN, especially the one I’ve posted below.

In short, Bill asks Kasich “Why not listen?” why not “get into a room with the people who are actually affected”? why not “meet with them, Governor?”

Kasich, obviously annoyed, responds by admitting he’s never actually met with anyone from the unions (though ‘his people’ have) and that he’s already made a decision and will not be sitting down with anyone.

I think everyone in Ohio needs to be concerned when an ultra-conservative radio host basically tells the Republican Governor that he can’t just make decisions in a vacuum and the Governor responds: screw you, I just did!

During the campaign Kasich claimed his door would always be open. One more bullshit lie to add to the list.

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