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Senate Bill 5 isn’t about creating jobs in Ohio.

Want proof?  Here’s Governor Kasich in Newsweek:

The most that Kasich would say was that “timing may be an issue” and that unemployment may remain high through the next election. “We have a long way to run,” Kasich confessed. “If the jobs come in ’13, then God bless them.” (emphasis added.)

In other words, give Kasich every policy he wants, and he still believes that it’ll take divine intervention for Ohio to gain jobs before he’s up for re-election in 2014.

SB 5, […]

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(I’m never going to have dinner with my family at this rate.)

Today, CBS News/New York Times poll confirms, essentially to the number, the results of last week’s Gallup/USA Today poll on the question of collective bargaining for public employees: they don’t care for the unions much, but they HATE the idea of a policy like SB 5 being passed in their State.

By virtually the same margins, adults in today’s NYT/CBS News poll showed that Americans OPPOSE by 60% to 33% any proposal to take away any of the collective bargaining rights of public employees.  […]

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From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is promoting a plan for “charter universities” that would exempt colleges from multiple state regulations as long as they meet certain conditions, while continuing to receive taxpayer money.

Details on the idea have not yet been detailed and it has not been formally proposed by Kasich. But several states, such as Virginia, have allowed universities to opt out of their current system to improve financial flexibility and reduce the burden of state contracting, purchasing, collective bargaining and other laws.

David Creamer, vice president for finance and business services […]

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This is lazy blogging.  Sue me.  It’s getting hard to keep up anymore.

I. “Innovation Ohio” a progressive think-tank launches and issues a report questioning the SB 5’s advocates’ claims.

Innovation Ohio is a non-partisan, but decidedly progressive leaning think-tank that began operating out of its Columbus offices today.  The President of the group is Janetta King, former policy advisor for then Congressman Ted Strickland and then as deputy chief-of-staff on policy for Governor Strickland.

They hit the ground running today with a report that demonstrated that public school teachers in Ohio, despite collective bargaining […]

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Sometimes you can’t make this up.  We have our first casualty in the fight over SB 5: high dollar political fundraisers.

Senators Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) and Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville) each had separate fundraisers scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at the Columbus Athletic Club for Wednesday.

They’ve been forced to cancel them.  Either because of the optics of having a fundraiser where the minimum donation was $350 a person looked so bad or the Senate leadership is expecting to be holding votes either in committee or on the floor at that time.  Looks like a pretty big tell either way […]

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So far, we are the only media outlet that has discussed the possible negative political repercussions for the Ohio GOP in 2012 caused by SB 5.  One newspaper columnist I respect greatly, actually suggested that SB 5 will give Shannon Jones a boost to become a potential statewide candidate.   Seriously?

Regardless, we have our first objective data to suggest that going against collective bargaining is hurting the reach of the Republican party.  Admittedly Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently did a poll in Wisconsin to ask how the people there would have voted if they could […]

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On February 9th, we wrote that Gov. Kasich was going to name former Speaker Jo Ann Davidson Chair of the Ohio Casino Commission, name former AG Betty Montgomery to the Commission, and name former AG Jim Petro to be Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents.

I don’t know what happened with the Montgomery appointment, because I believed we had solid sourcing on it, and the same sources confirmed Montgomery.

Anyways, today, John Kasich announced that he was, in fact, appointing Jim Petro to be Chancellor of the Board of Regents.

I guess Meatloaf was right.  Two out […]

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John Kasich was on Bill Cunningham’s radio show last night talking about SB5 and, while I hate to admit it, Cunningham came off sounding very rational and well informed on the issue. His questions were the ones that needed to be asked by Fox and CNN, especially the one I’ve posted below.

In short, Bill asks Kasich “Why not listen?” why not “get into a room with the people who are actually affected”? why not “meet with them, Governor?”

Kasich, obviously annoyed, responds by admitting he’s never actually met with anyone from the unions (though ‘his people’ have) […]

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Over the weekend, Kasich has continued to repeat his faulty claim that if the provisions of SB 5 were already in place it would save over $1 billion.  This projection is faulty for a couple of reasons that we’ve already discussed.  First, even if SB 5 were law today, it cannot affect the current collective bargaining agreements in place.  That would be an unconstitutional violation of the unions’ right to contract.

I.  Kasich’s analysis of savings in 2010 is based on an impossible economic assumption.

So the entire projection is based on a legal fantasy.   The bill cannot […]

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