You have to have some insane level of hubris to tout a “study” that claims to save the state $1.3B by cutting the pay of teachers, police, and firefighters while you exist solely on the government teet enjoying a made up position of “Special Assistant to the Governor” at $145,000/yr plus benefits.

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Serious, serious onions it takes to pull this off.  Jai was up early this Saturday morning around 7am in order to catch this story posted at 2:51am in order to get it out on Twitter and retweeted by the sychophant right.  Maybe the job of the “Special Assistant” is to get stories planted in the Columbus Dispatch?  How’s that for a use of taxpayer dollars by someone getting paid 3 times the average firefighter to sit in a cushy office and attack them?!

"Special Assistant to the Governor" Jai Chabria

Adding more insult to irony is the fact that Jai was person 2 in John Kasich’s “two person office” in Columbus when they both worked for Lehman Brothers.  The Lehman Brothers whose collapse helped bring on the very deep recession that Jai and his buddy John Kasich now claim is the reason they must strip unions of their collective bargaining power and cut their pay and benefits.  Deep, delicious irony.

We’ll have more on this “analysis” soon, too.  Suffice to say the basic argument is we save money by lowering the pay of teachers, firefighters, police, and other public workers.  It’s interesting that these types of concessions can be accomplished through collective bargaining – and have been!  The aim of this is not cost savings, but to disempower a block of voters not normally sympathetic to Republicans.  It really couldn’t be any clearer and it’s why taking to the streets is the right strategy.

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  • Elaine S

    That’s it though. SB 5 isn’t about saving money. It’s about shutting down the middle class. State unions have given up the savings in this contract. The “study” says the state will “save” $216.9 million by eliminating steps and longevity and increasing the health share premium. What about the $260 million that the state workers gave up in the current contracts?

  • Sluggo

    In 2005 we cut the state income tax 21% which lead to declining revenue (even before the recession) which lead to an $8 billion budget gap. Really what this means is the Republicans are saying we have to cut the pay of cops, firemen, and teachers so that Ohio’s wealthiest citizens can keep a tax break that largely benefits them.

  • Real Get Real

    Most interesting will be March 15th when Kasich must reveal his budget. Not only will that bring to light the folly of SB5 in actually reducing the State Budget deficit, it will energize a who new group of Ohioans against the GOP and Kasich – namely elderly, nursing homes, hospitals, doctors, religious leaders. Basically, Kasich has to explain how attacking teachers, police, and fire has lead to any progress on the budget, especially since he has used to much political capital on what has amounted to an ideological fight against working Ohioans.

    How anybody in million dollar homes can say a $30,000/yr teacher is overpaid is beyond insanity.

    It will be interesting to watch. Look for many more Kasichisms on YouTube unless Nichols can lock him in his office till after 2012.

  • Fotogirlcb2002

    I hope Nichols has a “Golden Book of Apologies” to refer to
    hes gonna earn every penny of his salary

  • Anonymous

    I don’t buy their numbers but, at a minimum, the only interpretation I can make at the moment is that no employee would ever receive a merit pay increase. But then, we already expected that that was the plan, didn’t we?

  • pragmatic one

    And of course the Columbus Dispatch prints a story about this study on the front page and does not challenge the validity of it. I wonder what they are getting out of all of this. Something smells there. Columbus is a city that is chock full ‘o state employees, OSU staff, etc. Yet they are slanting their news like Rupert Murdoch owned the thing.

  • Sluggo

    Yes the only way this saves the amount claimed would be if no one gets any increase in pay. If that’s the savings then institute a pay freeze at the end if every collective bargaining agreement for two years. Of course it’s not about money.

  • tshaw1

    They always do…. I hate the Dispatch!!

  • Anonymous

    it came from the Kasich administration itself. totally unbiased source, that one. and it’s hardly an academic study, it’s probably a spreadsheet at best. I’m sure this story was written with the full cooperation – if not prompting – of team Kasich.

  • Some people in the executive offices of the capitol should receive no pay if measured by merit.

  • Some people in the executive offices of the capitol should receive no pay if measured by merit.

  • Reader 1

    When is the protest against the state-run media in Ohio (e.g., the Dispatch)?

  • pragmatic one

    That is my point. The editorial board at the Dispatch has always been anti-labor so I guess maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Usually, a local newspaper reflects the values of their customers but the Dispatch increasingly does not seem to. It takes a lot of integrity on their part to stick their middle finger in the face off so many of their customers and defend the national trend towards plutocracy. They are so courageous.

  • Dbruns36

    $145k per year? Big deal. Take a look at firechiefs, police chiefs, their assistants, principals, superintendants, and any other public service administrator in the state who are not part of a CBA and will be having their pensions paid for by ALL of us. CBA workers and taxpayers. There are CEO’s in public service, and they’re getting wealthy from us.

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  • APG

    First, let me say that I don’t intend to aver on whether the Dispatch’s reporting is biased. I don’t think it’s a secret that the editorial board there leans rightward, but that doesn’t mean the news reporters and editors have a bias. I’ve never been to the Dispatch’s newsroom, but speaking generally, you’d be hard pressed to find a newsroom with only one prevailing line of political opinion.

    That said, just because metro Columbus voters almost exclusively elect Democrats doesn’t mean a rightward slant would go against the Dispatch’s bottom line, because the Dispatch serves a much larger area than just Columbus. Most of the central Ohio suburbs are reliable Republican territory, and although Franklin County as a whole is reliably Democratic, all the surrounding counties served by the Dispatch (Delaware, Fairfield, Union, etc.) are very GOP-friendly.

  • Anonymous

    Generally, teachers have received an increase for their years of service. I’m assuming that will end under the Republican plan. That also creates the chances for misuse. If a budget crisis hits a district, which teacher will they let go—- Teacher A with a Masters and 20 years experience ($65,000/yr), or Teacher B with a Bachelors and 1 year experience ($28,000)? Teachers in private and charter schools are paid at much lower rates with some new teachers making under $20,000/yr.

  • Jen

    He doesn’t own it, but he certainly donated to Kasich’s campaign – as did a whole boatload of oil and gas guys, investment bankers, prescription drug companys, and health insurance folks.

  • Jen

    You can kill two birds with one stone – the statehouse is across the street from the Dispatch.

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