You have to have some insane level of hubris to tout a “study” that claims to save the state $1.3B by cutting the pay of teachers, police, and firefighters while you exist solely on the government teet enjoying a made up position of “Special Assistant to the Governor” at $145,000/yr plus benefits.

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Serious, serious onions it takes to pull this off.  Jai was up early this Saturday morning around 7am in order to catch this story posted at 2:51am in order to get it out on Twitter and retweeted by the sychophant right.  Maybe the job of the “Special Assistant” is to get stories planted in the Columbus Dispatch?  How’s that for a use of taxpayer dollars by someone getting paid 3 times the average firefighter to sit in a cushy office and attack them?!

"Special Assistant to the Governor" Jai Chabria

Adding more insult to irony is the fact that Jai was person 2 in John Kasich’s “two person office” in Columbus when they both worked for Lehman Brothers.  The Lehman Brothers whose collapse helped bring on the very deep recession that Jai and his buddy John Kasich now claim is the reason they must strip unions of their collective bargaining power and cut their pay and benefits.  Deep, delicious irony.

We’ll have more on this “analysis” soon, too.  Suffice to say the basic argument is we save money by lowering the pay of teachers, firefighters, police, and other public workers.  It’s interesting that these types of concessions can be accomplished through collective bargaining – and have been!  The aim of this is not cost savings, but to disempower a block of voters not normally sympathetic to Republicans.  It really couldn’t be any clearer and it’s why taking to the streets is the right strategy.

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