From the daily archives: Saturday, February 26, 2011

As I pointed out in a post earlier today, John Kasich’s recently-released transportation budget added a new fee that would cost Ohioans – primarily car dealerships (yes, small businesses!) $31.5 million dollars a year in title fees. At the same time he eliminated a late fee on drivers license renewals that would have only cost about $4 million a year.

When asked about fee increases back in October, then-candidate John Kasich clearly said his tax cuts would outweigh any fee increases in every proposal:

“We will have no proposal where tax cuts don’t overwhelmingly outweigh anything that could be […]

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Last November Americans for Tax Reform announced that John Kasich had signed its Taxpayer Protection Pledge. According to ATR, politicians signing the pledge agree to “oppose and vote against/veto any efforts to increase taxes.”

So when Kasich introduced his transportation budget that included a 66% increase in the auto title fee, questions immediately surfaced about whether or not Kasich broke his pledge.

Today’s Plain Dealer article by Patrick O’Donnell floats the question again but doesn’t quite answer it for you. Let me help clear it up for you…

Kasich absolutely broke his pledge.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m […]

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You have to have some insane level of hubris to tout a “study” that claims to save the state $1.3B by cutting the pay of teachers, police, and firefighters while you exist solely on the government teet enjoying a made up position of “Special Assistant to the Governor” at $145,000/yr plus benefits.

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Serious, serious onions it takes to pull this off.  Jai was up early this Saturday morning around 7am in order to catch this story posted at 2:51am in order to get it out on Twitter and retweeted by the sychophant right.  Maybe the job of […]

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