From the daily archives: Friday, February 25, 2011

Nick at BSB just posted this video of Ronald Reagan saying forming unions and striking are a “basic rights”.

Reagan was talking about Poland, but the basic rights are still the same…

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Updated SB 5 GOP Scorecard

On February 25, 2011 By

I updated our scorecard based on the latest intelligence we have on what can only be described as a very fluid situation.  As always, we welcome any tips or additional information you might have.

The Dispatch is reporting that the Senate GOP is scheduling SB 5 for a committee vote on Tuesday in which a raft of amendments will be introduced and debated to change the bill to get the votes they need to pass the bill on the floor.  The Dispatch, joining with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, agrees that there is a distinct possibility that […]

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Attention construction trade unions, you’re next!

Every newspaper in Ohio is reporting that yesterday John Kasich’s Ohio School Facilities Commission, which is headed by Governor Kasich’s Director of the Office of Budget and Management Tim Keen, voted to prohibit any local school district from requiring contractors in school construction jobs to pay the prevailing wage or use Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). 

This is yet another one-size fits all, Governor Kasich knows best policy that takes choices away from local officials.

Governor Strickland removed the ban but then ran into trouble when his Chair of the School Facilities […]

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