Yesterday we reported that the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber changed the location of its luncheon to a remote aircraft hangar in an attempt to limit access by protesters angry at their guest of honor: John Kasich. Local GOP and Tea Party groups were supposed to be getting geared up for a big counter rally, even going so far as to host their own “sign making party” the night before.

I just got word that the location change seems to have had little impact on the size or voracity of the crowd. Accord to Kathy DiCristofaro of the Trumbull County Democratic Party, 750 protesters showed up at Youngstown Regional Airport today to protest SB5 and John Kasich.

The crowd included firefighters and police offices and a number of local politicians and union leaders including Mahoning Co. Chairman Dave Betras, USW’s Gary Steinbeck, Rep. Bob Hagan, Sen. Joe Schiavoni, Trumbull Co. Dem. Chairman Dan Polivka and the fired-up, 90 year old Youngstown woman pictured below.

Even with the GOP’s sign making party and the addition of the Tri-County teabaggers (Trumbull, Mahoning & Columbiana Counties), only 12 people are reported to have shown up in support of the bill.

[UPDATE by M.E.] Here’s some raw footage of the protest and the twelve Tea Party activists that came to support Kasich. One was admittedly a government worker. Another was a wife who was upset that when her husband got laid off from the airlines, he lost his pension while executives left rich. Seriously, I don’t get the disconnect with these people.

Anyways, UNION POWER ACTIVATE! Footage from WKBN 27: