SB 5 GOP Scorecard UPDATE1

An “X” means I have credible information that the person is voting Yes on SB 5 either because they’ve since made their intentions clear or as a result of the new SB 5 outlined in yesterday’s press gaggle (believe it or not.)  A check mark means they’ve indicated they are opposed to SB 5 under the same standard I used to put the original four (I’m sorry, I just didn’t feel like making a whole new graphic for this post… sue me.)

This is coming from a reliable Senate source who is watching the vote count closely (I know someone of you will, for example, dispute the X on Senator LaRose).  I’d ask that you call their offices and ask them if they intend to vote for the new SB 5, and if not, are there changes to the bill that could be made in which they would support it.

Senator Bill Beagle (R-Dayton) reportedly has told folks that he believes he’s an “accidental” Senator, and he’s unlikely to be re-elected no matter what he does.  So he’s going to go ahead and vote for SB 5 because he really just doesn’t care.

This sounds almost exactly like the attitude Marc Dann had when he was elected Attorney General.  The only way now for SB 5 to be defeated in the Senate is it: a) never makes it out of the Senate Committee (but the Senate Majority can change the makeup of the committee to do that); b) keep all four present “no” votes (who may change their mind as the bill changes, we haven’t really heard from them react to yesterday’s revisions) and pick up both  Stewart and Seitz.

If they make no changes to the committee, Bill Seitz or Jim Hughes could be the crucial seventh vote in the committee.  Get Seitz on board (if he isn’t already and we just don’t know it yet), and Niehaus can release Senate Majority Leader Jimmy Stewart and still pass SB 5 by a one-vote margin.

Again, I don’t care what you’ve heard from these offices before yesterday.  Call your State Senator and ask them how they intend to vote.  If they say they’ll vote no and they’re a Republican, ask them under what circumstances or changes in the bill would they then vote yes.

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