I noticed on Twitter that the Governor is spreading his interview on Bill O’Reilly last night.  I also noticed that the Governor’s office is only promoting an edited version of the interview.   They’re not promoting the first part of the interview; dealing how SB 5 weakens union and makes Kasich anti-union.

Kasich: “I don’t want to be listed as an anti-union guy…”  Kasich didn’t get a single union endorsement in the election.  During the campaign he pledge to “break the teacher unions’ backs.”  He’s a national proponent of SB 5 (except, apparently, when he’s on CNN.)  But how dare you suggest he’s an anti-union guy.

Lately,  when Kasich talks about his dad, it is no different than a politician accused of making a racist remark talks about his “black friend.”  It’s almost as convincing, too.  Almost.

He grew up in a union town, and he’s a Governor of a union State!  Kasich has actually fooled himself into believing that this bill helps union households. 

Here’s a guy whose legislative agenda right now is a) eliminate the ability of unions to negotiate for their members fairly; b) eliminate the estate tax.  Union households have to make sacrifices, given up their rights to collective bargaining on work conditions, benefits, leave, but the wealthy get a tax break?  Where’s their sacrifice?  Where?  Show me where those who already have everything they need aren’t getting everything they want in John Kasich’s Ohio.

And this fool goes onto Fox News and says he’s all about lifting all Ohioans up?  Why does John Kasich say the cities need the flexibility to screw their workers?  Because he’s about to screw the cities in his budget and estate tax repeal.

Kasich is still talking about eliminating the progressive income tax.  Still.  While he’s saying we can’t afford effective collective bargaining.

Hey, jackass, the nation was in a recession within three years of that 1997 budget deal you keep bragging about!

Ohio was already a State that was created jobs before you became Governor you lying braying jackass!

Don’t watch the final two seconds of the interview… it’ll make you throw up.

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry but any two seconds of that braying jackass make me want to throw up.

  • I hate to give the impression that I think violence is acceptable. But I am human, and I’d really like to bitch slap him right on Broad Street.

  • pragmatic_one

    I don’t see anything substantive in the career of John Kasich that leads me to believe he can lead Ohio into anything but eventually becoming a failed right wing plutocratic experiment. He likes to take credit for the balanced budgets of the Clinton years without mentioning that Clinton’s tax hikes on the rich had a ton to do with that success. He goes to work for a Wall Street firm that helps collapse the economy and then the firm itself collapses. Seriously, where is the productivity? But that’s stuff we already know.

    Making the tax structure less progressive as Kasich proposes is yet ANOTHER way – on top of the seemingly endless policy decisions that have been made and continue to be made the state and federal level – to make the poor poorer, squeeze the middle class, and make the rich more powerful.

    All this radical right stuff started, IMO, back in the early 90’s when Clinton got elected. That’s when it started to get really weird with the conspiracy theories and the wingnuttery and the beginnings of the propoganda machine with Limbaugh and Fox. Here we are are 20 years later and these folks – this new purified brand of the Republican Party – have gained more and more power…ask yourself, are you better off? Did the country improve as Limbaugh’s dittohead army multiplied? Or did it just get louder and more beligerent and less and less informed? And will giving even power to these people make anything better?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, he wasn’t that good of the salesman. Kasich never actually directly got the Ohio retirement system to use Lehman. While it’s true he tried, and Ohio lost millions from Lehman, the losses were in investments with/by Lehman that Ohio already went without Kasich’s influence. It is true that had Ohio listened to Kasich Ohio’s pensions would have lost even more, though.

  • buckeyekelly

    I swear to all that is holy – if we (democrats) friggin’ lose in 4 years after THIS tool is done pillaging my state, I will OFFICIALLY lose it.

  • Annekarima

    Throughout that interview there was panic in Kasich’s eyes and anger in his body language. He is getting backed into a corner, out of his league. Where are the people with the jobs? Where is the money for the 8 bil budget he needs to find soon? The man is not a good poker player.

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  • Anonymous

    What a minute tax payers don’t have a say? They can pass or not pass levies that support and pay for government workers. Oh that is except for the Govenor and his state puppets. They can give themselves all the raises-medical benefits and pensions they want…oh I forgot…they have enough money of their own they don’t need any of these so they are dedicating their time working for us for free……

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