I noticed on Twitter that the Governor is spreading his interview on Bill O’Reilly last night.  I also noticed that the Governor’s office is only promoting an edited version of the interview.   They’re not promoting the first part of the interview; dealing how SB 5 weakens union and makes Kasich anti-union.

Kasich: “I don’t want to be listed as an anti-union guy…”  Kasich didn’t get a single union endorsement in the election.  During the campaign he pledge to “break the teacher unions’ backs.”  He’s a national proponent of SB 5 (except, apparently, when he’s on CNN.)  But how dare you suggest he’s an anti-union guy.

Lately,  when Kasich talks about his dad, it is no different than a politician accused of making a racist remark talks about his “black friend.”  It’s almost as convincing, too.  Almost.

He grew up in a union town, and he’s a Governor of a union State!  Kasich has actually fooled himself into believing that this bill helps union households. 

Here’s a guy whose legislative agenda right now is a) eliminate the ability of unions to negotiate for their members fairly; b) eliminate the estate tax.  Union households have to make sacrifices, given up their rights to collective bargaining on work conditions, benefits, leave, but the wealthy get a tax break?  Where’s their sacrifice?  Where?  Show me where those who already have everything they need aren’t getting everything they want in John Kasich’s Ohio.

And this fool goes onto Fox News and says he’s all about lifting all Ohioans up?  Why does John Kasich say the cities need the flexibility to screw their workers?  Because he’s about to screw the cities in his budget and estate tax repeal.

Kasich is still talking about eliminating the progressive income tax.  Still.  While he’s saying we can’t afford effective collective bargaining.

Hey, jackass, the nation was in a recession within three years of that 1997 budget deal you keep bragging about!

Ohio was already a State that was created jobs before you became Governor you lying braying jackass!

Don’t watch the final two seconds of the interview… it’ll make you throw up.

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