When it was introduced, the Ohio political media was quick to declare that given the sizeable Republican majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate, SB 5 was an inevitable conclusion.  There was nothing anyone could do to stop it.  Don’t even bother, folks.  It’s a done deal.

Tonight, the Cleveland Plain Dealer was the first to write what we here at Plunderbund has been saying for some time:

Despite the GOP majority in the Senate, it is unclear whether the bill has enough votes to get out of the 12-member committee where it is being debated, let alone withstand a full floor vote.

(emphasis added.)

Nobody read blogs.

Reggie Fields’ story tonight is a must-read.  For the first time, we have public official unions telling the GOP one simple message about what SB 5 means for the Republican Party next November.


"I think what is going to end up happening is you are going to make a lot of conservative-leaning safety forces liberal-leaning. It is going to make a lot of Democrats out of Republicans," said Cleveland police union president Stephen Loomis, who said 70 percent of the officers in his membership are conservatives.

"They are setting the framework for the Democrats to take back the House next year," Loomis said.

Mark Sanders, president of the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters, said Grendell is right to be concerned. While the OAPFF for last fall’s elections endorsed a Democratic slate of candidates for statewide races, Sanders said most Ohio firefighters support Republicans.

"Never in their wildest dreams did they think a governor who talked about examining collective bargaining would end up with something gutting their livelihood," Sanders said. "I haven’t seen this response ever, really, after almost 30 years in fire service. . . Our Republican members especially are just beside themselves."

Sanders said firefighters are particularly frustrated with Kasich, who took office last month, and noted that police and fire make up one of the largest voting blocs in labor.

Folks the Cleveland Police union did not endorse Ted Strickland.  They endorsed more Republicans than Democrats.  These are the only unions that Republicans typically bother to seek their endorsement because their members tend to be more Republican than the other unions.

Just a few days ago, we discussed how this bill could be the death certificate of the “Reagan Democrats.”  And we’re seeing it play out just like this.  So what’s the official Republican response:

image DeWine said support from public safety is important, but Republicans can count more votes among taxpayers fed up with the drain on state and local governments presented by unions.

"They already get the joke that in many instances the Cadillac health care programs, the gold-plated retirements, those are things that are outside the norm of the private sector," he said.

Yep, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine is totally right.  The Republicans should totally listen to him.  There is absolutely no evidence that this is a partisan overreach by the Republicans that could have lasting political implication in this State for at least a decade.

It is absolutely clear that the people of Ohio are 100% supportive of radical collective bargaining reform.


Yep, this is such a great idea to the people of Ohio that’s precisely why Chairman Bacon has been openly talking about carving out the public safety unions entirely from SB 5.

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