I was just sent two more examples of the Ohio Governor’s office using state resources to promote slanted opinion pieces about John Kasich as though they were actual news.

The first is from Newsmax. Despite having the word “news” in their name, no one would ever consider what Newsmax does journalism. Newsmax is like Fox News without the actual news. Yet John Kasich has the balls to put it up on the Governor’s (publicly funded) website as though it was an actual piece written by a journalist. It’s like a Democrat putting up a link to a Kos diary and pretending like it came from the New York Times.

It’s bullshit self-promotion on the part of the Governor’s staff. And not just because Newmax is probably the only publication in the world (besides the Dispatch) who will actually support him right now.

The other example comes in the form of an email that was sent to people who signed up for the Governor’s office mailing list. The email was sent from government (publicly funded) servers and contains a link to a Fox News interview John Kasich did with Bill O’Reilly as well as Bill O’Reilly’s logo. It actually looks more like an add for O’Reilly’s show than it does an email from the Governor’s office. It is so obvious that this is NOT news and there is no question that this should NOT have been sent from Governor’s office using taxpayer-funded computers.

This email, like the fake news links on the website, have absolutely no place on the Governor’s website and no place in official communication coming out of the Governor’s office. And by using the Governor’s office to promote this swag Kasich shows a complete lack of respect for the office he holds.

This is nothing more than poorly disguised political messaging payed for by our tax dollars.

And, speaking of poorly disguised political messaging, did you happen to notice the return address on that email?

It should seem very familiar to you if you are a reader of Plunderbund. The return address on the email belongs to the undisputed master of poorly disguised political messaging, our old friend Jon Keeling.

You may remember Jon Keeling as the blogger who claimed to be a citizen journalist but was actually paid by the ORP to attack Ted Strickland and support John Kasich during the last campaign.

Well it looks like he was rewarded for his service during the campaign with a job on the Governor’s communication staff. And he’s jumped right back into familiar territory here using the same old dirty and deceptive tricks.

I know you guys are new at this, John and Jon, but try to show some class. You’re representing the highest office in the state now. It’s time to start acting like it.