I’ve been seeing Tweets and blog posts popping up everywhere claiming that SB5 is redefining marriage in Ohio. While I hate SB5 as much as everyone else I thought I’d clear up this misconception about the bill.

The text of the bill does, in fact, reference Sec. 3101.01 of the Ohio Revised Code. And this part of the code does state that “A marriage may only be entered into by one man and one woman”. But this is not new code. It already exists under Ohio law.

The problem here is that people are misreading the bill. Here’s a quick primer:

* Any underlined text is new language that would be added to existing law.
* Any Strike-through text is language that would be removed from existing law.
* Any regular text (not underlined or strike-through) is existing law.

So just to be clear: Senate Bill 5 does not redefine marriage in Ohio. The law being referenced was actually put into effect under Taft back in 2004 (HB 272) back when the GOP last controlled the legislature.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully expecting a flood of equally horrible anti-gay and anti-women bills to be introduced this year. But Senate Bill 5 isn’t one of them.