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Niehaus accuses anti-SB 5 protesters of “defecating” in the building and defacing the walls in protest.  This has been pushed for the past 24 hours by no less than Jon Keeling, Deputy Communication Director for Governor Kasich and other conservative Twits on Twitter (TM).

Like Senate Majority Communication Director Jason Mauk who spread this picture around Twitter last night:


President Niehaus cited this defecation and act of vandalism to justify the Highway Patrol’s unprecedented actions yesterday in locking people out of the Statehouse.

Wait for it….

Wait for it…

I’m going to let the Columbus Dispatch take it from here:

But Gregg Dodd, spokesman for the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board, said the defecation did not occur inside the Statehouse, but rather in one of the stairwells from the underground parking garage leading up to High Street. People often gather in those areas to wait for buses or for other reasons, Dodd said, and it is not uncommon for people to relieve themselves in those stairwells.

Dodd said the writing on the wall was done in chalk and was easily washed away. It took crews more time to scrape stickers off some of the floors.

Yep, Niehaus was lying and Mauk was freaking out over chalk.

Chalk This is a pretty pathetic attempt to smear the name of private citizens who came to protest the Statehouse who were unjustly locked out from addressing their own elected representatives in government.

Should someone use chalk on the walls?  Of course not, but to conflate what a likely homeless person or drunk lobbyist or legislator did in the garage stairwell and someone else using a writing instrument you can remove with your finger as union folks defecating and defacing the Statehouse like crazy is just shameful.

These people have no decency.  They will lie straight through their teeth.

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