John Kasich is scheduled to appear at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber’s luncheon tomorrow but the location was recently moved in an attempt to avoid labor groups from protesting at the event.

According to Youngstown’s Business Journal Daily:

The Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber’s luncheon Thursday featuring Gov. John Kasich has been relocated to Youngstown-Warren Regional airport — apparently in reaction to widespread calls for labor protests at the event.

So Kasich and his Chamber pals move their event to an aircraft hangar in the middle of Mahoning County to hide from the protesting of hard-working Ohioans. And as they sit around bemoaning all of the attention the unions are getting for their protests some brainiac blurts out: Hey! Why don’t we stage our own rally!

And, I shit you not, that’s exactly what they decide to do.

The local TV station (WKBN) is now reporting that:

A notification from the Mahoning County GOP Wednesday encourages its members to attend a rally beforehand and “dress warmly and bring your homemade signs of support.”

To prepare, the notice said there will be a sign-making party at the Mahoning County Republican Headquarters in Boardman 7 p.m. Wednesday. It’s encouraging attendees to bring their signs Thursday.

A bunch of Republicans in the heart of union country attending a sign-making party for a rally in support of a union-busting bill?

What could possibly go wrong there?

I’m anxiously waiting for the photos and video of the 8 people attending the pro-SB5 rally at the airport. Even Kasich’s folks wouldn’t try to spin that as support for the bill… would they?