We have multiple, first-hand accounts of people calling the Governor’s office yesterday and calling the Department of Public Safety, each one blaming the other or, better yet, blaming the fire marshal. Neither one would take responsibility for locking citizens out of the Statehouse. (today we verified that it was Tom Charles’ Department of Public Safety)

People calling the Governor’s office were told it was “a safety issue” and the Statehouse was “Full to capacity” and the “fire marshal closed it, because there were too many people inside”.

But Julie Carr-Smyth of the AP confirmed this morning that the occupancy of the building is actually “5000-plus”:

An occupancy permit for the Statehouse that was reviewed by The Associated Press allowed for “5000-plus” to legally be on site within fire code. That number includes hearing rooms that accommodate about 3,200 people, permit figures showed.

I’m hearing news that Charles is stepping up and finally taking responsibility for this. And he’s claiming Kasich didn’t tell him to do it. It seems VERY unlikely the director of Public Safety is going to make a huge decision like this without consulting the Governor.

But you do have to wonder: who told the people answering the phones to say the building was over capacity and that the fire marshal was responsible?

  • Lindalou50

    The “Clueless” were answering the phones. Almost felt sorry for the position they were put in. Everyday these clowns do something dumber than the day before. It’s as if they think they can do whatever they want. We have a Constitution to abide by. We are becoming a laughing stock of the nation. When traveling, I’m ashamed to tell people where I’m from. Sure wish Kasich stayed in PA. This is where I was born and will die. I love Ohio.

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  • Hoppy43302

    kasich doesn’t want to be governor heWANT S TO BE THE land lord

  • Hoppy43302

    kasich doesn’t want to be governor heWANT S TO BE THE land lord

  • Dave Abus

    Memo to Tom Charles

    Al Haig called and said to remind you to always say, “I am in control here” and be sure to keep me out of it

    Power To The People —NOT !


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