Look out for the bus, Senator Jones…

Can’t believe that Governor Kasich uttered those words “not my bill.”

Kasich did the same thing to State Representative John Adams.  He used to praise him for this income tax repeal legislation, until a Legislative Service Commission (LSC) analysis of Adams’ bill became a political liability in the campaign.

[UPDATE:]  A commenter reminded us of Kasich on Fox News just the day before:

Uses the term “we” at least eighteen times when talking about SB 5.  Says it’s part of his overall package of reforms to make Ohio a job creator.

Now, he says it’s not “his” bill. 

Does this mean Kasich is backing away from collective bargaining repeal?  No.  First, Kasich has a documented history (see John Adams example) of doing this.  He also has a history of saying totally different and seemingly contradictory things depending on the media outlet.

This is an amateur way of Kasich to try to triangulate.  He’s letting Jones take all the heat now, and hope we all forget that he showed up at the first hearing of the bill and gave it his full throated endorsement. 

Kasich isn’t backing down, but he’s definitely trying to create some distance between himself and Jones.  He’s hoping to take ownership of the final product while isolating himself from the heat in the kitchen.  You know, being a coward.

Kasich’s threat to put this in the budget isn’t much of a threat.  First, he’s going to have a hard enough time to pass his budget even with the large majorities in both houses of the General Assembly.  Two, he’s burning up his scarce political capital like his term ends in July.  Three, the folks who are getting weary of this debate have the power to strip it from the budget.  There’s not going to be much support to re-litigate these issues in a month from now by anyone.

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