While everyone is distracted by SB5 and the protests it has sparked, Ohio’s Republican legislators are trying to sneak through a number of other bills that would similarly have a negative impact on Ohio’s working and middle class.

On of those bills is House Bill 95 which seeks to eliminate public-notice requirements for Ohio utility rate increases.

Lauren Worley summarized the bill nicely over at the examiner.com:

House Bill 95 would repeal public-notice requirements for applications for rate increases and public hearings on those applications. Ohio utilities will be able to increase consumer rates without going through the current approval process. While the elimination of the public comment period streamlines the current rate change process, without the public comment period, rate increases could occur without people knowing that there is potential for these increases to go into effect.

I’ve also been told that this bill could “allow natural gas companies to raise their rates based on anticipated cost increases for distribution… but if it didn’t actually end up costing the utilities that much, the consumers’ rates are adjusted.”

In other word: “consumers could end up paying for expenses the utility projected but never materialized.”

More proof Ohio’s Republicans are going to war against Ohio’s middle class.